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Release iText Core 7.1.18

Release date: December 16, 2022

The iText 7 Core 7.1.18 release is a maintenance release for iText 7.1.x which includes some recent CVE mitigations and backports from 7.2.x releases.

It addresses two CVE issues (CVE-2022-24196, CVE-2022-24197) which were fixed in the release of iText 7 Core 7.2.2. In addition, we've also backported a fix from our 7.2.1 release which fixes improper nesting of canvas operators when converting SVG to PDF by supporting q/Q Operators inside BT/ET text blocks and objects.

Also included with this release are new versions of our pdfSweep and pdfXFA add-ons which are compatible with iText 7.1.18. See the release pages linked below for more details.

iText 7 Suite Releases



  • CVE fixes
    • CVE-2022-24196 - out-of-memory error via the component readStreamBytesRaw
    • CVE-2022-24197 - stack-based buffer overflow via the component ByteBuffer.append
  • SVG. Support of q/Q Operators inside BT/ET text block/object


Installation Instructions

Examples (latest ones)

FAQ (latest ones)

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