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Release pdfXFA 2.0.12

Release date: December 16 2022

The pdfXFA 2.0.12 release includes a couple of backported fixes from pdfXFA 3.0.3. The first fix relates to the flattening process, where it could get stuck in an infinite loop when tabs were present in the XML. The second was where a JS property could not be read if the value was null.

Finally, a fix from pdfXFA 3.0.0 resolves an issue where a breakBefore condition could switch back to a previous content area and overwrite it.

If you need to process XFA documents, we have a related blog post that may be interesting to you:




  •  Flattening was getting stuck in an infinite loop if tab symbol is present
  • JS property could not be read if the value was null
  • breakBefore condition could overwrite previous content

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