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Release iText Core 7.1.12

The iText Core 7.1.12 release is the third quarterly release of 2020 of our innovative PDF library. 

This Core release brings initial support for <linearGradient> in SVG and linear-gradient() in CSS, which is something that both Core, and pdfHTML 3.0.1 will benefit from. SVG is an important topic for us, so be sure to check our future releases, as even wider support is coming.

As for the rest of the changes, expect the typical ongoing mix of yet more performance improvements and convenience additions.

A big shout-out to evileye-uktompecina and hady-malekpour for their pull requests! It is pretty amazing that after 20 years as an open source project, we still get contributions.

As always, we try to synchronize the release with some of our other add-ons, so besides Core, be sure to also check out:

iText 7 Suite Releases

Breaking Changes

  • LZWStringTable#Dump(StreamWriter) became LZWStringTable#Dump(FormattingStreamWriter) (.NET only)
  • For constant classes which situated in PdfCanvasConstants default constructors without parameters were made private (.NET only)

Release Related Examples



New Features

  • Expose image identification API in io module
  • Add possibility to remove items from outline tree
  • Initial support of linearGradient in SVG and in CSS


  • itext7-dotnet PR #8: Fix behaviour on systems with alternative minus sign characters
  • itext7 PR #42: Malformed cross-reference stream fixed
  • Process large table's split correctly
  • itext7 PR #40: If line.start <=0 then continue replacing whitespaces otherwise it is a GlyphLine which has been created from existing one


  • Digital Signatures: annotation dictionary incorrectly updated when signing a pre-signed document
  • Incorrect appearance for choice fields after the setValue call
  • Glyph bbox is calculated incorrectly for type 3 fonts in case font matrix has 1 as multiplier when parsing content stream
  • Improve the performance of the replaceSpecialWhitespaceGlyphs method
  • layout: KEEP_TOGETHER works incorrectly with floating elements
  • Pdf/A compliance checker incorrectly throws exception when a /Configs entry is not present in the /OCProperties dictionary
  • SVG: Incorrect default resource resolving
  • SVG: Fix Preserve AspectRatio attribute
  • Reuse the same instance of ResourceResolver in SVG processing
  • When a link occupies more than two areas, a NullPointerException is thrown


Installation Instructions

Examples (latest ones)

FAQ (latest ones)

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