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Release pdfHTML 3.0.1

A new feature in this release is the introduction of support for <linearGradient> in SVG and linear-gradient() in CSS. This is a commonly used element in both CSS and SVG frameworks allowing for progressive transitions between colors in graphical objects. For those of you who are interested, we've produced a code sample demonstrating different implementations of <linearGradient> within our layout engine.

Besides this, we continue to improve our line-height property support that was added for pdfHTML 3.0.0 and added support for setting the background on HTML elements. Something that will continue to be improved (we'll keep you posted!)

Speaking of wider support, Shorthand properties can often improve your CSS code readability. As developers, there's no way, no how, that we'll stand in the way of code readability, so support for the text-decoration Shorthand is baked in too.

We've also improved pdfHTML's <div> Tag processing to better handle splitting. See the linked articles for examples demonstrating these improvements.

A number of bug fixes are also included. Head on down to the Changelog for more information.

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