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Release pdfHTML 3.0.3

Release date: January 14, 2021

This release of pdfHTML brings many improvements for SVG processing.

We are introducing the <pattern> element which is used to define a graphics object that can be "tiled" to cover an area, and the support of SVG defined in HTML. Previously when converting HTML code to PDF we supported either Base64 encoded images or images given by URL. Now, pdfHTML supports SVG images as direct input with the data:image/svg+xml notation.

Besides this, font-relative units for the font-size property in a text element are now supported by pdfHTML 3.0.3 too.

While we're on the subject, we added the support of word-wrap and word-break properties in CSS as well as target-counters and target-counter functions. These functions are crucial for generating cross-references (e.g., for a table of contents) within HTML documents.  

Please take a look at the examples for this release to give you more insight and use cases. 

A number of bug fixes are also included. Head on down to the Changelog for more information.

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