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Release iText Core 7.1.16

Release date: July 5, 2021

The iText Core 7.1.16  release is already our third release for 2021 and it brings a few important improvements, making our SDK even more flexible, customizable and productive. 

We continue to improve the SVG support in iText. For this release we made the TextLeafSvgNodeRenderer class easily extendable, so you can implement your own conversion logic. This can be beneficial for processing complicated SVG images and make code clearer. 

Another important improvement in this release is refactoring the PdfSigner class responsible for digital signatures. Specifically, the customization of a signature's appearance has been significantly simplified. This is implicitly related to SVG support, as from now on using SVG images for a signature's appearance will not require so much effort on the part of developers.

As for performance improvements, we should note the parsing of Metadata has been optimized, and the fixing of a couple of bugs that could cause deadlocks and memory leaks.  

Besides that, support of non-encrypted PDF files with encrypted attachments, and ICCBased colorspaces has been added.


We are happy to announce that as of this release, a new add-on - pdfOffice has been added to the iText product portfolio. As its name suggests, it allows you to convert MS Office files to PDF using high-quality, native conversion. 

In addition, please check out the list of of other iText add-ons which have received updates together with this release of iText Core.

iText 7 Suite Releases

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  • SVG. Customizable TextLeafSvgNodeRenderer
  • Support for encryption embedded files only


  • Improve Bezier curve approximation for rounded borders
  • Improve performance of Metadata parsing 
  • Support ICCBased color space
  • Refactor preClose() in PdfSigner


  • Streams remain open when Exception thrown
  • Support Type3 fonts extraction, when glyphs have non-standard names


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