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Release pdfHTML 3.0.5

Release date: July 5, 2021

The pdfHTML 3.0.5 release is the third quarterly release for 2021.

A new feature in this release of pdfHTML is the support of the attr() CSS function. This is used to retrieve the value of an attribute of the selected element and use it in the stylesheet.

Note: According to the specification, the support for properties other than content is experimental, so pdfHTML only supports this property for now

In other news, this time we mostly focused on handling corner cases and bug fixes in the CSS Flexible Layout Box module support that was introduced in the previous release. However, the addition of support for flex-items with an intrinsic aspect ratio should be noted separately. As it is not clearly defined in the specification when and how an intrinsic aspect ratio should be handled, we did our best to offer as wide support of this property as possible in pdfHTML.

Also, this release contains a quite nice improvement that will be sure to please any perfectionists, as we've improved our Bézier curve approximation for rounded borders! Please see the attached examples to give you an impression of how nice they look now. 

Moreover, in this release you can expect a bunch of bugfixes and further performance improvements as usual.

Head on down to the Changelog for more details.

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