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iText DITO 2.3

The 2.3 release of iText DITO is out! Discover its new features and capabilities.

We are excited to announce the general availability of iText DITO 2.3. The latest release of iText's highly efficient & collaborative PDF generator introduces support for non-incremental updates, while re-introducing a way to edit your data sample in the Editor! Read below to find out more!

iText DITO 2.3.0 Manager/Editor Cluster Deployment

Kotlin helper script to deploy iText DITO Manager and Editor - Instructions & downloads

Kubernetes helper script to deploy iText DITO - instructions & downloads


Deploy SDK - Instructions & downloads

Pull SDK image from Dockerhub, Pull Docker SDK Secure Proxy image from Dockerhub - Instructions

iText DITO 2.3.0 Java SDK/APIJar file download
iText DITO 2.3.0 Release The 2.3 release Blogpost can be found here & the 2.3 Release Preview Guide can be found here

Minor Releases:

Release Notes:

The most remarkable additions in the 2.3 release are:

  • Support for non-incremental updates;
  • Re-introduce ability to temporarily edit data sample in Editor;
  • Ability to create Child workspaces w/o connected SDK instance;
  • Ability to set server mottos or make public announcements to users;
  • Improved autoscaling of SDK instances; 
  • Improved error messaging / notifications to better inform users;
  • Migrating & redesign of toolbox, barcodes, & Link Uri;
  • Redesigned & updated for calculation expression;

From all of us here at iText, we wish you happy templating!



  • iText DITO Editor - Re-introduction of ability to edit data sample in Editor;
  • iText DITO Editor - New UI for calculations;
  • iText DITO Editor - Migrated & redesigned toolbox;
  • iText DITO Editor - New UI for Link Uri & a help guide;
  • iText DITO Editor - Improved warning messages for templates not complying w/ PDFUA;
  • iText DITO Editor - Migrated & updated design for barcodes;
  • iText DITO Manager - Ability to create Child workspaces w/o a connected SDK instance;
  • iText DITO Manager - Improved messaging when importing a template;
  • iText DITO Manager - Introduce ability to set server motto, make public announcements to users;
  • iText DITO Manager - Make "Workspace cannot be deleted" error message more informative;
  • iText DITO SDK/API - Improved support for autoscaling of SDK instances pod on Kubernetes;
  • iText DITO SDK/API - Add update command to Kubernetes deployment script;
  • iText DITO SDK/API - Improve UI for SDK URL validity detection;


  • Crash when merging cells;
  • Error on template delete from child workspace;
  • Can create data collection with data array as a root object;
  • Font resource duplicates are not properly detected on template import;
  • Crash when creating default sample from specific data sample;
  • Promoting a template version in the interface does not result in template being deployed to an SDK instance;
  • Fix getting authorities logic on change workspace;
  • Crash appears if user clicks on Warnings icon on the preview;
  • User with permission cannot create data sample for data collection;
  • Administrator cannot change Advanced settings;
  • Failed sorting by security role;
  • Wrong user roles appear for unassign role;
  • Importing template - Error message doesn't show affected templates;
  • Data collections table - Incorrect sorting by 'Modified by' column;
  •  User without delete permission can see delete icon;
  • Fix error messages for failed deactivate/activate one user;

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