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iText DITO 2.3.2

2.3.2 Release 


In this new minor release, we now give users the ability to rename a connected SDK instance. 
This can be done within the Manager component when users go their settings and go to their connected API instances. 
It will show a list of the SDK instances that have been connected to this point, and if you simply click on the ellipsis, you will see an option to rename the SDK instance. 

There is now also the ability for users to change the field or item type with the option to undo & redo the changes. 

The field name should be unique within its parent and if an existing name is entered, the field is highlighted as an error. 
When the field name is blurred the change will be canceled and the text field will reset to its previous value. 

Users with a Global Administrator role will have a new entry under their advanced settings of the Root workspace titled, 'SMTP Settings'. 
There will also be a subtitle, 'Check if SMTP settings have been set up correctly' where they can click a button to send a test email. 
This button/ control will be disabled if the mailing is switched off within the configuration of the application. Global administrators will be aware of this because there will be a title notifying them that mailing has been switched off. 
When the mailing is switched on, the control/button will be active, and when users click on this button, a modal will appear where they can enter a new test email address where the test email will be sent to.


We have integrated an updated scrollable pane to have more usage variants.
These variants include: 

  • Fixed: Used currently in side panels
  • Responsive: Helpful for scenarios where height should adapt to content with 'Max height' limitations 
  • Default: This has minimal customizations for scenarios that can't be covered using the variants above

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