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iText DITO 2.3.3

2.3.3 Release


We have resolved the bug issue where users with an administrator role couldn't check their license format and would get a 403 error code. 
They will now be able to view their license format & information w/o any errors.

There was also an issue with users that had a 'global administrator' role where they wouldn't be able to import a template.
The error that occurred was that they would get a notification stating, the template already exists even if it was previously deleted or didn't exist in the space. 
We have resolved this issue so users can import templates without the notification preventing them from doing so.


We have added additional support for HTML tags, we now support <p> tags for rich text.

Also, when users now want to add an image or stylesheet to their template, they can now search for the desired resource. 
The purpose was to help our users save time so they don't have to click through all their images or stylesheet to get to the desired resource. 

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