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Release iText Core 8.0.1

Release date: Aug 2, 2023

Q3 of 2023 is here, and so is a new release of your favorite open-source PDF library for Java and .NET: iText Core 8.0.1! Following the release of iText Suite version 8.0.0 in Q2, you might not be expecting much from a simple patch release. However, we do have a few nice things to talk about.

There’s a neat feature for the sign module, to follow on from the improvements introduced in 8.0.0. We’ve introduced algorithm agnostic signing/validation so if you wish you can now make use of algorithms not directly supported by iText, but supported by the underlying Bouncy Castle cryptographic library. This is also supported for the Java bc-fips library, but not currently by the .NET version. Note that if you use algorithms not specifically supported by the PDF specification, iText will output a warning to let you know.

There are some additions in the layout module for CSS flex-wrap and flex-direction for pdfHTML to use, and for the forms module there’s an improvement to optimize PdfFormField regeneration handling.

We’ve also made a number of improvements to the font-asian module, such as improved Unicode support for fonts "HeiseiMin-W3" and "UniJIS-UCS2-H" and other text encoding improvements.

As always, you can click the Changelog tab in the table below to see the full rundown on what’s new in Core, and details of other bugfixes for this release. Also, don’t forget to check out the updated add-ons in the iText Suite we’ve released along with Core:

iText Suite 8.0.1 Releases


New features

  • Algorithm agnostic signing/validation

  • Support for flex-wrap: wrap property and value

  • Add ability to customize form related implementations


  • Improved PdfFormField regeneration handling

  • Several improvements to font-asian module


  • Fixes for incorrect checkbox handling

  • Flex item with nested floating element processed incorrectly

  • PdfPageFormCopier improvements tagging issue


Installation Instructions

Examples (latest ones)

FAQ (latest ones)

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