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Release iText Core 7.2.3

Release date: July 5, 2022

Q3 is upon us, and so is the release of iText 7 Core 7.2.3! The big news this time round is naturally the official release of our reference implementation of iText 7 for Android, though there’s plenty more that’s new in Core. We have a fix relating to XMP metadata in PDF/A documents, improved support for SVG image dimensions using exponent notation, and revised the way PDF streams with indirect references are flushed.

Plus, we have the usual round of bugfixes and miscellaneous improvements as always.

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Let’s talk about Android first though. By using iText 7.2 as a base, we’ve done some legwork to eliminate the main sticking points for incompatibility between Java and Android, and to showcase this we’ve developed a reference implementation. This includes some UI components to build an app which demonstrates the currently available functionality, as shown in these screenshots from the demo app.

This SDK depends on forked versions of PdfiumAndroid and the AndroidPdfViewer project developed by barteksc, and requires API version 27 or above. Head to the Android Installation instructions to get started.

In other news, a big thank you to carl-di-ortus for submitting a fix for XMP metadata in canonical format causing issues, and thus generating invalid namespace attributes in PDF/A documents. We determined the reported issue was caused by the XML library used by the .NET version of iText 7 not supporting the 0x1F char, however the fix should prevent such XMP metadata causing similar compliance issues when generating PDF/A documents.

In addition, another pull request inspired us to make some improvements to the way PDF streams with indirect references are flushed. Thank you LingMan!

In other news for Core, we’ve made some more SVG improvements by adding support for exponent notation using the capital E to specify image dimensions. We’ve prepared a code example to demonstrate this which you can find linked below.

There’s also a nice change for our AGPL users. If a license file is not provided for Core, it assumes AGPL usage and so occasionally a message is printed to stdout as a reminder. However, if you’re happy that you’re in compliance with the AGPL requirements then seeing this message might become a little annoying after a while. If this is the case, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can disable it, see the example linked below to learn more.

As always, you can click the Changelog tab in the table below to see the full rundown on what’s new in Core. And don’t forget to check out the updated add-ons in the iText 7 Suite we’ve released along with Core:

iText 7 Suite Releases

Release Related Examples



  • Android Support
  • Save XMP metadata in canonical format for PDF/A documents
  • Implement Pdf Type 2 function (Exponential Interpolation) Functions
  • Implement Pdf Type 3 (Stitching) Functions
  • Indirect ref in PdfStream issues: implement the first solution mentioned during the refinement
  • Update several 3rd party dependencies to their most recent version


  • SVG: support exponent notation for numbers with capital E
  • Fix NPE on CopyPagesTo
  • Issue with flushing PDF stream with indirect reference in /Filter
  • Fix infinite loop when reading a PdfDocument
  • Fix the NPE which is thrown when table cell content is clipped 


Installation Instructions

Examples (latest ones)

FAQ (latest ones)

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