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Image examples

These questions were answered in the scope of 7.0.x and 7.1.x versions. However, if you find links to our GitHub repo, then they should target the latest version, and you can get access to specific versions by using the Tags functionality.

Interesting repos with examples to browse would be i7js-book & i7js-examples for Java and i7ns-samples for .NET (C#).

Which image types are supported by iText?

How to use an image as list symbol?

How to prevent images from resizing in a table cell?

How to add a map with a pointer to a PDF?

How to generate 2D barcode as vector image?

How to create unique images with Image.getInstance()?

How to show an image with large dimensions across multiple pages?

How to change a background Image into a watermark by altering the opacity?

How to make an image a qualified mask candidate in itext?

How to convert colored images to black and white?

How to give an image rounded corners?

How to preserve high resolution images in PDF?

How to add multiple images into a single PDF?

Why aren't images added sequentially?

How to get the image DPI in PDF?

How to add JPEG images that are multi-stage filtered (DCTDecode and FlateDecode)?

How to avoid an exception when importing a TIFF file?

How to add text to an image?

How to draw lines on an image?

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