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Actions and annotations

These questions were answered in the scope of 7.0.x and 7.1.x versions. However, if you find links to our GitHub repo, then they should target the latest version, and you can get access to specific versions by using the Tags functionality.

Interesting repos with examples to browse would be i7js-book & i7js-examples for Java and i7ns-samples for .NET (C#).

How to add an In Reply To annotation?

How to attach files to a PDF?

How to rename named destinations in existing PDF files?

How to change the color of a circle annotation?

How to create hierarchical bookmarks?

How to modify the size of annotations and make them read-only?

How to insert a linked rectangle with iText?

How to add an onMouseOver javaScript action to a TextField?

How to set the BaseUrl of an existing PDF document?

How to change the author name for comments?

How to add a printable or non-printable bitmap stamp to a PDF?

How to open an MS Word attachment by clicking an image?

How to create a link to a specific page number?

How to set the zoom level of a PDF using iTextSharp?

How to create a clickable polygon or path?

How to change the properties of an annotation?

How do I insert a hyperlink to another page in an existing PDF?

How to delete attachments in PDF using iText?

How to create a link to launch an external program?

How to create a JavaScript action to open the attachments panel?

How to stamp image on existing PDF and create an anchor?

How to define multiple actions for a PushbuttonField?

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