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How to define multiple actions for a PushbuttonField?

How do I keep a page redirect or how do I set it in code?

In a PDF, I can set up a button to:

  1. Submit the FDF data to my RestAPI
  2. Redirect to a webpage (to tell user 'Thanks') and that works perfectly.

But I need to do this using code... I am using iTextSharp in the following way:

  • pb is my pushbutton...
  • sURL is the URL I need the data to go to...

This is my code:


PdfFormField pff = pb.Field;
pff.SetAdditionalActions(PdfName.A, PdfAction.CreateSubmitForm(sURL, null, PdfAction.SUBMIT_XFDF));
af.ReplacePushbuttonField("submit", pff);
This does replace the button with the submit action. How do I keep the page redirect or how do I set it in code? I have also tried PdfName.AA and PdfName.U based on examples and I am not certain what the different names are for. Unfortunately, none of them solve my problem.

Apparently, the SetAdditionalActions() replaces the existing actions. I have also tried using annotations and just adding a button that doesn't exist.

Posted on StackOverflow on Apr 18, 2014 by JohnKochJr

You are looking for a concept called chained actions. This is how it’s done in iText 7:

PdfAction action = PdfAction.createJavaScript("app.alert('Think before you print!');");"printCurrentPage(this.pageNum);"));""));
Link link = new Link("print this page", action);
Paragraph paragraph = new Paragraph(link);

In this case, we have an action that shows an alert, prints a page and redirects to an URL. These actions are chained to each other using the next() method.

It is very easy to port this Java code to C# replacing lower case with the upper while using methods.

Click How to define multiple actions for a PushbuttonField? if you want to see how to answer this question in iText 5.

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