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Absolute positioning of text

In this section, we'll discuss problems that can occur when adding text at absolute positions.

How to adapt the position of the first line in ColumnText?

How to add an x-offset to a text pattern with every x-step?

How to add text inside a rectangle?

How to continue an ordered list on a second page?

How to divide a page in N parts so we can fill each with a different source?

How to draw a rectangle around multiline text?

How to fit a String inside a rectangle?

How to reduce redundant code when adding content at absolute positions?

How to rotate a paragraph?

How to rotate a single line of text?

How to truncate text within a bounding box?

How to write a Zapfdingbats character at a specific location on a page?

What is causing syntax errors in a page created with iText?

Why does ColumnText ignore the horizontal alignment?

Why does using ColumnText result in "The document has no pages" exception?

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