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Release pdfHTML 5.0.3

Release date: Feb 7, 2024

pdfHTML is an iText Core add-on for Java and .NET to create PDF from HTML/XML (and associated CSS).

As noted in the Core release notes, we’ve implemented checks and improvements during the creation of PDF/A and PDF/UA to make the creation of both archivable and accessible PDF documents easier. Using HTML as a source is a great way to create such documents, so pdfHTML users naturally benefit greatly from this addition.

We’ve also fixed some bugs with converting layout elements and an exception being thrown when emojis are present in HTML to PDF/A conversions.

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  • General improvements for PDF/A and PDF/UA creation

Bug Fixes

  • Button tag worker may throw NPE on convert from elements

  • Conversion from HTML properties to layout elements in html2pdf doesn't take into account PDFConformanceLevel

  • Converting HTML with emojis to PDF/A will cause an exception even when the emoji is included in the font's glyphs


Converting HTML to PDF with pdfHTML

Installation Instructions

Examples (latest ones)

FAQ (latest ones)

Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Questions about pdfHTML

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