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Release pdfHTML 4.0.5

Release date: January 16, 2023

pdfHTML is an iText 7 add-on for Java and .NET to create PDF from HTML (and associated CSS).

A new feature for pdfHTML 4.0.5 is support for the vertical-align CSS property for inline blocks. This property can be used to align inline-block elements vertically, for more details on its usage you can refer to the example linked below.

In addition, we've made some improvements to flex rendering and performance, and general bug fixes.

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New features

  • Support vertical-align CSS property for inline-blocks in HTML inline-context

Bug fixes

  • The data in the table goes beyond the page boundaries
  • Floats: inline-block is not wrapped to new line after 100%-width-float
  • Flex layout: exception and slow performance for customer files if flex support is enabled
  • The picture is cropped when wrapped in a figure tag
  • Fix inline-blocks wrapping when they have relative width set
  • Elements with display: inline-block and width: 100% are not wrapped on a new line
  • PDF fails to truncate when a DIV element with flex property is nested 


iText 7: Converting HTML to PDF with pdfHTML

Installation Instructions

Examples (latest ones)

FAQ (latest ones)

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