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Release iText 7.1.4

iText 7.1.4 is the fourth maintenance release for iText 7.1 Core/Community. We're also updating the add-ons pdfHTML to 2.1.1pdfCalligraph to 2.0.2, and our License Key Library and Volume License Key Library to 3.0.4. In addition, we're also releasing a new maintenance version for our free PDF syntax viewer RUPS; it's a prerequisite for our IDE plugin pdfDebug, which is also being released.

iText Core/Community 7.1.4 for Java - for .NET

  • New features:

    • SVG without width or height,

    • SvgConverter createPdf methods with File parameter,

    • SVG path operators: H, V, h, v, and

    • a pull request for digital signatures.

  • Bug fixes:

    • PdfDocument handling issues:

      • append mode for partially compressed files, and

      • fix for Pages entry in Catalog.

    • Optional content requirements in PDF/A.

    • Copying AcroForm fields with a dot in their name.

    • Post-care issues for the integration of SVG & styled-xml-parser in the core.

    • Various SVG path parsing improvements.

    • A font caching and a font retrieval bug.

pdfHTML 2.1.1 for Java - for .NET

  • Bug fixes:

    • font selector improvement,

    • free resources immediately after usage (memory efficiency bug),

    • text alignment in tables, and

    • handling of <br> in list items.

pdfCalligraph 2.0.2 for Java - for .NET

  • Fix perpetual loop for font Shruti.

  • pdfCalligraph now ships with Google Noto fonts for reasonable default fonts in client applications.

License Key Library 3.0.4 for Java - for .NET 
License Key Volume Library 3.0.4 for Java - for .NET

  • Clearer warnings on volume license.

  • New event types can be sent to license counting service.

RUPS 7.1.4

  • Fix lingering concurrency problem for Mac.

pdfDebug - all implementations on 2.0.1

  • Release containing upstream bugfixes of RUPS.

  • NetBeans: fix for NetBeans 9 + nb-javac compiler.


  • [DEVSIX-2080] : Append mode works incorrectly for hybrid-reference documents.
  • [DEVSIX-2162] : Could not initialize class com.itextpdf.styledxmlparser.jsoup.nodes.Entities$EscapeMode.
  • [DEVSIX-2166] : The itext7.nuspec of .NET itextcore needs to be adapted for the merge of sxp and svg into itextcore.
  • [DEVSIX-2193] : Empty svg javadoc jar deployed to Artifactory.
  • [DEVSIX-2314] : HtmlConverter doesn't free resources after using them.
  • [DEVSIX-1787] : No warning for "volume" license.
  • [DEVSIX-2043] : SVG cannot handle 2 concatenated path instructions.
  • [DEVSIX-2044] : SVG cannot handle 2 concatenated rational numbers.
  • [RND-1011] : SVG: StyledXMLParserException for svg without width or height .
  • [DEVSIX-1821] : /Parent reference missing when iText creates /Pages entries.
  • [DEVSIX-1940] : CharacterRenderInfo assumes 1 char is 1 glyph.
  • [DEVSIX-1947] : Min-width attribute of non-left aligned text does not properly adjust table cell border.
  • [DEVSIX-2046] : NullpointerException when type doesn't exist in the Outline dictionary.
  • [DEVSIX-2068] : Custom solution for PdfFont caching.
  • [DEVSIX-2146] : pdfCalligraph goes into eternal loop for specific Gujarati text in font Shruti.
  • [DEVSIX-2163] : Missing the name field in the OCProperties dictionary of PDF/A-2a.
  • [RND-1105] : Fix Side effect of DEVSIX-1942.
  • [DEVSIX-2017] : NullPointerException when Font doesn't exist in Resource dictionary.
  • [DEVSIX-2171] : PDF Debug doesn't work on Netbeans 9 when nb-javac is installed.

New features

  • [DEVSIX-1881] : Ship Indic and Arabic fonts with pdfCalligraph and load them from pdfHTML.


  • [DEVSIX-2150] : Investigate Vulnerability Note #332928 - Potential Vulnerability in GhostScript.
  • [DEVSIX-2141] : Make svg and styled-xml-parser autoportable again..
  • [DEVSIX-2168] : Include license section in pom of pdfCalligraph.
  • [RND-909] : SVG: Paths H operator.
  • [RND-1104] : SVG: Paths V Operator.
  • [RND-1108] : Implement relative values for Svg Path instruction H/V (h and v operators).


  • [DEVSIX-1932] : LiTagWorker does not process more than 1 <br/ > tag.
  • [DEVSIX-2050] : Font selector & html2pdf : fix font-weight and font-family processing.
  • [DEVSIX-1982] : Review Pull Request #27: Allow additional x509 extensions to be critical.
  • [DEVSIX-2031] : iText7 is nearly 3 times slower than iText5 for the same functionality.
  • [DEVSIX-2049] : SvgConverter: Create createPdf methods using a File.
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