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Interactive forms

Is your form based on AcroForm technology or is it based on the XML Forms Architecture? That's a common counter-question you'll be confronted with when asking a question about forms. In any case, these answers should help you solving the most common problems with respect to forms.

How to get specific types from AcroFields? Like PushButtonField, RadioCheckField, etc

How to fill out a PDF file programmatically? (AcroForm technology)

How to fill out a PDF file programmatically? (Dynamic XFA)

How to add a new form from an existing PDF template?

How can I add a new AcroForm field to a PDF?

How to add an image to an AcroForm field?

How to align AcroFields?

How to change the text color of an AcroForm field?

Is it safe to remove XFA?

How to tell iText which fields to flatten first?

How to merge forms from different files into one PDF?

How to find out which fields are required?

How to flatten a XFA PDF Form using iTextSharp?

How to fill XFA form using iText without breaking usage rights?

How to make sure a check box is printed?

How to send a 'success' response back to Acrobat Reader from a java servlet?

How to distribute the radio buttons of a radio field across multiple PdfPCells?

How to check a check box?

How to continue field output on a second page?

How to add a table on a form (and maybe insert a new page)?

How to add a hidden text field?

How to underline a portion of text in a text field?

How to define the data encoding when submitting a PDF form using AcroForm technology?

How to send a file to the server through a PDF?

How to find the absolute position and dimension of a field?

Why are the AcroFields in my document empty?

How to get the number of characters in a field?

How to move an AcroForm field?

How to get the color properties of an AcroForm field?

How to make a field not required?

How to create a pushbuttonfield with double byte character text?

How to format a field as a percentage?

How to format a field as a currency?

Can I create a Reader-enabled PDF using iText?

How can I find the maximum character limit for a text field?

How to set the export value of a check box?

How to change the icon of a push button field?

How to show an image at a text field position?

How to create radio buttons inside a table?

Why does iText enter a cross symbol when CheckType style is check mark?

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