Release date: October 25, 2021

The iText 7.1.17 release is a maintenance release with a security bug fix for a vulnerability that allowed the use of GhostScript in an unpredictable manner.

Besides that, we also fixed a few bugs related to AcroForm handling and SVG conversion. 

At the same time, we are also releasing iText 7.2.0, the next major version of iText. In addition to these bug fixes, 7.2.0 contains a great deal of other improvements. Please check out also the iText 7.2.0 release.

iText 7 Suite Releases


  • Security vulnerability in CompareTool allows users to force GhostScript being used in an unpredictable way
  •  FormField setValue shall keep text font
  • Form flattening doesn`t ignore an unfilled digital signature field
  • SVG: missed images in converted PDF 
  • Image is cropped when placing visual signature with PdfSignatureAppearance 


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