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iText DITO 2.5.1

2.5.1 Release


  • When you copy and paste URL pointing to settings pages , now doesn't get redirected to User profile page.
  • Users with many roles can now use DITO without seeing the bad request error for having too many roles attached to their profiles.
  • Some legacy templates create a new template when a new version option is selected.
  • We fixed issues when changing template's data collection when that templates are part of a composition template.
  • We fixed our role input fields to display all characters types.


  • All user's sensitive data is stored in the user's browser.
  • More secure and smaller Docker images.
  • DITO Editor:
    • Change your template title to a combination of static and dynamic text from your template settings., 
  • DITO Manager:
    • Manage (create / delete / update) your own labels to better organize your templates from the Manager settings.
    • Now you can change and /or remove your data collection from your templates to allow you create Master templates to be used with different data collections.
    • Update notifications right on your Manager screen. Now you get notified with the new features in the latest iText DITO releases.
    • You can import legacy and HTML templates from the same import screen.

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