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iText DITO 2.4.7

2.4.7 Release


  • Hardening of containers by fixing the following vulnerabilities and exposures:
    • CVE-2020-11022, CVE-2020-11023, CVE-2021-41182, CVE-2021-41183, CVE-2021-41184, CVE-2022-31160, CVE-2022-40151, CVE-2022-40152, CVE-2022-40153, CVE-2022-40154, CVE-2022-40155, CVE-2022-40156, CVE-2022-38398, CVE-2022-38648, CVE-2022-40146, CVE-2022-38398, CVE-2022-38648, CVE-2022-40146, CVE-2022-34169, CVE-2022-34169


  • DITO Editor:
    • Editing of default heading styles by sowing default values in the style editor.
  • DITO Manager:
    • Allow the creation of roles before adding permissions.
    • Promotion path now supports:
      • different template versions on different stages.
      • deploy/undeploy (move to default stage) of template versions without affecting other template versions on other stages.
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