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Release iText pdf2Data 3.1

We are excited to announce the release of iText pdf2Data 3.1, the latest version of our template-based data extraction solution. iText pdf2Data intelligently recognizes data inside structured and semi-structured PDF documents and extracts them in a structured format.

It enables you to define areas and rules in a template that corresponds to the content you want to extract from similar documents. You simply create a template from a sample document with the user-friendly Template Editor and verify the data is recognized and extracted correctly. From then on, all subsequent documents can be processed automatically by the pdf2Data SDK.

Everything you need to begin automated document data extraction is included; the browser-based pdf2Data Editor to create and modify templates, and the pdf2Data engine which parses documents and extracts the data with literally just a few lines of. The SDK is available as a Java or .NET library for integration into your workflows, or alternatively can be used as a command-line application.

What’s new?

First and foremost, pdf2Data is now offered as a standalone solution instead of an iText 7 add-on. 

The other main focus of this release is improvements to the pdf2Data Editor to make creating and updating templates even easier. This includes a refreshed UI and inline help for data field selectors.

In addition, we’ve made deploying the pdf2Data Editor easier by providing it as a Docker container, in addition to the standard Apache Tomcat deployment method.

iText pdf2Data 3.1 SDK Java (Artifactory), .NET (Artifactory, NuGet
iText pdf2Data 3.1 Editor

Pull image from Docker Hub (instructions) or use the war  

iText pdf2Data 3.1 CLIJar file download


  • pdf2Data Editor - Redesigned user experience
  • pdf2Data Editor -  Containerization

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