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pdf2Data 3.0 Editor

This guideline is obsolete. From iText pdf2Data 4.0 onward, the Editor is not available as a War archive anymore. Please see the Docker container guidelines.

The pdf2Data Editor is a web application archive that can be deployed in Apache Tomcat.

Its primary function is to create and edit extraction templates, which will be used by the pdf2Data SDK to handle PDF files.

You can get a trial experience of the pdf2Data Editor without requiring any installation. Simply request a pdf2Data trial.  

Installation steps

  1. Download the war file of the version you are interested in from the iText Artifactory.
  2. Create a properties file with the following contents:


    # Set temporary directory for resources
    # Path to iText license file, e.g. licensekey=/home/user/license.xml
  3. Create an environment variable PDF2DATA_PROPERTIES and set it to the path of the file from the previous step.
  4. Deploy the application on the installed Tomcat server. In most cases, it is sufficient to copy the war file into the "webapps" subdirectory of the Tomcat directory.
  5. Start the Tomcat server, if it was not running before, and you are ready to go.

With default Tomcat settings, pdf2Data Editor will be available at https://localhost:8080/pdf2Data 

Next steps

To see pdf2Data Editor in action, see our Extracting data from PDF invoices tutorial. This tutorial shows how to build and validate an extraction template with pdf2Data Editor to process PDF invoices. 

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