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Pattern selector

The pattern selector makes it easy to use a regular expression search in a more user-friendly manner.

Unlike the Regular expression selector, It doesn`t require deep knowledge of regular expressions.

It essentially looks for a prefix and a suffix in the PDF and extracts everything in between. Either "suffix" or "prefix" should be filled in. When only one is present, it extracts everything between the start of a line and the suffix, or between the prefix and the end of a line.

You can additionally specify a type of data to be found. For this purpose you can use one of the predefined type extractors.


This is how you can extract a price from the following string

Please see the Extracting data from PDF invoices tutorial to get more insight into how this works.

Expert mode keyword

pattern: prefix="abc", suffix="xyz", pattern=date|price|iban|vat|integer

Output data format: 


Example (Expert mode)

pattern: prefix="Tax)", pattern=price

List of selectors

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