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Paragraph selector

At a glance, the paragraph selector is yet another grouping selector, which intelligently analyzes the input to convert into paragraphs, by taking into account the distances between both text lines and words in lines.

There are two properties:

  1. Line spacing
    By specifying this, you can give the selector insight on how big the distance between the lines will be.
  2. Paragraph name.
    If not left empty, this property makes this selector more advanced as only the text block following the paragraph name will be extracted. 

With a non-empty paragraph name, the Paragraph selector can be used as the first step of the extraction pipeline. It perfectly fits the values to be extracted when they are located in a column under a static key.

For instance, the following selector 

extracts all bank details.

Note: The data to be extracted shouldn`t necessarily be inside of the data field`s region. You can get more details in the build extraction template tutorial.

Expert mode keyword

paragraph: lineSpacing=Normal|Large|Huge, named="abc"

If the lineSpacing property is omitted, Normal line spacing is used.
If paragraph name is specified. only paragraphs with the first line matching this name will be selected.

Output data format: 


List of selectors

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