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Release pdfXFA 4.0.3

Release date: Feb 7, 2024

pdfXFA is an iText Core add-on for Java and C# (.NET) that allows you to flatten dynamic XFA forms to static PDF. It also enables you to add a digital signature to converted XFA forms as additional security for further processing in PDF workflows or for archiving.

For this release of pdfXFA, we fixed a bug where if the XFA data contained HTML tags for bulleted and numbered lists, the flattened version would use an incorrect symbol for lists - for example, the symbol would be replaced with the - character. Now, pdfXFA will preserve these characters in the flattened PDF document.

Creating XFA forms required the use of Adobe LiveCycle Designer, however, Adobe LiveCycle was discontinued in March 2018. In addition, XFA forms were deprecated with the publication of the ISO PDF 2.0 specification in 2017.

We developed the pdfXFA add-on for iText Core to assist with existing XFA workflows. However, for new workflows we recommend alternative solutions such as Fluent, which offers dynamic data-driven document generation in a wide range of document formats, including PDF, PDF/A and PDF/UA.

If you need to process XFA documents, we have a related blog post that may be interesting to you:



Bug fixes

  • Numbered and lettered points in lists are lost during flattening

Installation Instructions

Examples (latest ones)

FAQ (latest ones)

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