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Release pdfOffice 2.0.3

Release date: October 25, 2022

pdfOffice is an iText 7 add-on that enables high-quality native conversion of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) documents to PDF.

For this release, the most significant change is the support for conversion operations to utilize multiple threads. Providing you set things up correctly, you should see a significant speedup in high-volume conversion situations (assuming you have enough available threads of course!) See the example linked below for more information.

In other changes, there’s a fix for Excel to PDF conversions, where in certain cases a PdfOfficeException would be thrown for files using the .xls, .xla, or .xlt extensions. Another fix relates to a bug where pdfOffice could crash when converting consecutive documents under certain circumstances.

Some other small bugfixes have been included in this release, see the Changelog below.

Want high-quality Office to PDF conversion, but don't use Java?

While the pdfOffice add-on is currently only available natively for Java, you can access its functionality using the iText 7 Suite BYOL's REST API on AWS Marketplace. Alternatively, tell us about your requirements. We'll see what we can do for you!

Release Related Examples


iText pdfOffice – 2.0.3 (Java)link
For other languages, please contact us.


New Features

  • Parallel conversion is now natively possible with pdfOffice (engine level)


  • Excel to PDF conversion: PdfOfficeException is thrown when converting certain Excel sheet (except for the last) to PDF with old format extensions ("xls", "xla", "xlt")


  • Add support for transparent images with solid fills.
  • Add support for gradient fills for images.
  • Add support for bold, italic, and underline for watermarks.
  • Improve password-protected document handling: don't trim whitespace in passwords.
  • Add support for nested hyperlinks to prevent missing links.
  • Various improvements for page breaks.
  • Improve handling of broken underlines in rotated text.
  • Various improvements to glyph substitution, including the addition of a cache to speed printer glyph substitution (e.g., Greek, Cyrillic) and support for emboldening of substituted glyphs.
  • Improved support for serial rendering (document rendering in a loop) and added formal support for thread safe execution (parallel execution in threads).
  • Improve performance when handling document paragraphs having large number of trailing whitespace characters.
  • Improved bullet auto-numbering.
  • Fix various NullPointerExceptions, e.g., when handling tables with no rows.
  • Improve shadowed frame rendering.
  • Improve opacity rendering.
  • Improved bookmark support when rendering documents to PDF files.
  • Improved Arabic language support.
  • Improved support of MultiMaster fonts when rendering documents to PDF files.

Installation Instructions

Examples (latest ones)

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