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Release iText 7.1.9

iText 7.1.9 Release header image

iText 7.1.9 is the latest quarterly release for iText 7 Core/Community. This release includes further documentation and SVG improvements, as well as updated versions of the pdfHTML, pdfXFA and pdf2Data add-ons.


iText 7 Core (Java)iText 7 Core (.NET)pdfHTML (Java)pdfHTML (.NET)pdfXFA (Java)pdfXFA (.NET)pdf2Data (Java)pdf2Data (.NET)

Release Notes:

We're pleased to announce iText 7.1.9, our latest (and last of 2019! ??) quarterly release. For this release, we've carried out some essential housekeeping to make sure that we maintain our high code quality standards, and great API documentation.

We also had time to introduce some more cool features, such as enhanced text extraction, better left-to-right (LTR) text direction when pdfCalligraph is used together with pdfHTML, improved SVG support and a bunch of XFA improvements (XFA is dead, long live XFA!). pdf2Data also has some pretty cool nuggets, such as improved table extraction strategies and the ability to seamlessly extract data from protected documents.

Have fun!!



  • Support autosize for multiline text fields
  • FontSet#addDirectory(String) loads fonts in different order depending on OS case sensitivity
  • Add a method to set 'modified' flag in the PdfNameTree class
  • Remove redundant throws statements in xfaworker


  • Tail recursion in PdfReader#readXrefStream() causes stack overflow errors
  • kernel: Released objects from object streams cause all this stream objects to be reread
  • Fix text extraction inaccuracy for fonts which doesn't specify whitespace character width
  • Fix an NPE while comparing two fonts on FontSelector level
  • layout: isOriginalNonSplitRenderer is not passed correctly to the split/overflow renderers
  • Font selector produces lines with unexpected multiple fonts when calligraphy fonts are present
  • SVG: Fix Preserve AspectRatio attribute
  • pdfHTML: Explicitly setting dir="ltr" distorts the result of HTML to PDF conversion if pdfCalligraph is loaded for latin text and floating images
  • pdfXFA: signature fields are missing after flattening
  • pdfXFA: Java vs .NET difference in state of a checkbox
  • pdfXFA: formatting pattern works differently from Acrobat when XFA is flattened
  • pdfXFA: resolveNodes expands items in path by default as if [*] is present
  • pdfXFA: FormState is applied incorrectly when unnamed elements of different types are present
  • pdfXFA: xfa.record notation is not supported in resolveNodes
  • pdfXFA: Fix incorrectly placed Table Heading
  • pdfXFA: form is flattened incorrectly because is not implemented
  • pdfXFA: Wrong font size after flattening xfa form with rich text


  • Remove unused test methods and commented Xfdf tests
  • Port xfdf samples from iText5 to iText7 Java and .NET
  • Make sure that all iTextCore tests extend ExtendedITextTest
  • Exclude helper classes/methods for internal usage from the public API documentation
  • Kernel: define particular unicode ranges and create trimmed test
  • Fix ten PdfCanvas methods documentation from javadoc errors report
  • Fix fourteen miscellaneous javadoc errors in kernel
  • Revise redundant iTextCore throws
  • Improve class tests coverage metrics
  • Fix sixteen javadoc warnings related to fonts in kernel module
  • Update documentation for PdfCanvas
  • Improve JavaDocs for EventCounterHandler
  • Cover kernel's WebColors with tests
  • Cover Transform with tests
  • layout: improve protected method naming for TableRenderer
  • Create tests for surrogate pairs in layout and html2pdf
  • Make sure that all add-ons extend ExtendedITextTest
  • Make it easier to override default font family for the descendants of BasicFontProvider and DefaultFontProvider 
  • sxp: cover CssPseudoClass... selector items with tests
  • Make toString() methods in com.itextpdf.styledxmlparser.css produce valid CSS
  • Investigate the causes of different outputs in java and .NET tests
  • Add Comment to PdfRichMediaAnnotation
  • Add tests to cover TableRenderer and TableWidths classes

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