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Release iText 7.1.8

Release 7 1 8

iText 7.1.8  is the quarterly release for iText 7 Core/Community. This release includes support for XFDF, a much anticipated .NET documentation improvement, a community produced Pull Request (thank you JorisJ!), and improvements to the p dfHTMLpdfXFA and pdf2Data add-ons.

We’re pleased to announce iText 7.1.8, our latest quarterly release. Despite the minor release number, we think it counts as a pretty significant update as in addition to various improvements and bug fixes in our layout and kernel modules, iText 7.1.8 adds support for XFDF and better SVG handling.

In addition there's also a new and improved layout for our API page including the highly anticipated .NET API documentation (we are also adding more and more .NET examples on our GitHub repo).

Please be advised that we did a tiny bit of API breakage on PdfPolyGeomAnnotation, where we had to remove getType(), so if you inherit it, you must override it (sorry!).

A special shout out to JorisJ, who submitted a Pull Request that was incorporated into this release.

XFDF examples

To demonstrate the new XFDF functionality we've created the following Java and .NET examples for creating and filling forms:


Creating an XFDF file

Filling a form

Filling a form from a list


Creating an XFDF file

Filling a form

Filling a form from a list

New features




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