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Release iText 7.1.7

iText 7.1.7 release banner

iText 7.1.7  is the quarterly release for iText 7 Core/Community. This release includes improvements to performance and reduced memory usage for certain operations.

We're also updating pdfHTML to 2.1.4, pdfXFA to 2.0.2 and the License Key libraries to 3.0.5.

iText Core/Community 7.1.7 for Java - for .NET


  • Improve the way data is encoded in DataMatrix barcodes


  • Improve handling of empty Signature Form Fields
  • Improve robustness with improperly created form fields
  • Better support for multiple/different fonts


  • Improve the performance of SmartMode copying (performance boost in merge)
  • Avoid resources depletion due to decompression bombs
  • Improve the performance when handling multiple PdfDocument instances from a single PdfReader
  • Better support for invalid xref tables


  • Better validation/creation of PDF/A-3 and PDF/A-1b documents


  • Improve placement of signatures on rotated pages


  • Added support for em values for font-size
  • Added support for exponential numbers within SVG properties
  • Improve the placement of elements with transformation matrices
  • When the font size metric is omitted, px should be assumed
  • Inherit CSS styles assigned via class in the <svg> tag


pdfHTML 2.1.4 for Java - for .NET

  • Improve display: inline-block support
  • Improve image support within list, div and table items
  • Use the baseUri via ConverterProperties if the SVG is nested inside the html

  • Support disabled pseudo class for textareas and inputs

  • Support SVG images embedded as <object>

pdfXFA 2.0.2 for Java - for .NET

  • Support annotations flattening when XFA Foreground is flattened
  • Improve propagation of radio button field rawValues to the radio group
  • Support for '$record' references in element's init event evaluation
  • Support global functions if one of the parent elements are named the same
  • Implement annotations copying from XFAF - XFA Foreground PDF to to flattened XFA

License Key Library 3.0.5 for Java - for .NET  License Key Volume Library 3.0.5 for Java - for .NET

  • Support for .NET 2.0


  • pdfXFA: global functions like "date()" are not resolved correctly in element events if one of the parent elements are named the same
  • Form flattening doesn`t ignore an unfilled digital signature field without an appearance
  • itext7 PR #30: Fix Matrix.toString()
  • iTextSharp.tool.xml.exceptions.NoDataException' in itext.pdfxfa.dll
  • Invalid checking transparency on the page
  • licensekey-creation is not compiling
  • PDF concatenation issue
  • DataMatrix barcode is generated wrongly in .NET
  • Image is cropped when placing visual signature with PdfSignatureAppearance
  • SVG: Styles declared in <svg> tag via CSS class are not inherited and used in elements
  • SVG, SXP: em values for font-size are not parsed for SVG
  • Inline-block images in body tag are treated as block images
  • pdfxfa java.lang.NullPointerException failed to flatten xfapdf
  • SVG: transformation matrix incorrectly applied
  • Manipulating PDF/A-1b Compliant document with iText breaks conformance due to XMP-metadata re-ordening
  • Update itext7.licensekey Library description
  • UTF-8 issue in clipper comments
  • Null Pointer in Acroform
  • PdfXfa: Font selection with setEmbedExternalFonts(true)
  • Html2Pdf: Image links are missed
  • SVG cannot handle exponential numbers
  • NumberFormatException for a svg file
  • SVG: missed images in converted PDF
  • Html2Pdf and SVG: Pre-set baseUri is not transferred from html to inner svg
  • PdfCleanupTool changing Text color
  • AcroForm DefaultResources not updated on fields filling
  • Investigate font alteration when one resets form

New features

  • pdfXFA: implement annotations flattening when XFA Foreground is flattened


  • Fix DM_DEFAULT_ENCODING bugs in licensekey and license-volume
  • Add .NET 2.0 as target to licensekey
  • Mitigate difference between Pattern.split and Regex.Split between Java and C# during porting
  • Investigate failing test ResourceResolverTest.retrieveBytesExceptionTest
  • html2pdf: Add ability to disable loading of calligraphic fonts in DefaultFontProvider


  • pdfXFA: '$record' reference resolving is not supported in element's init event evaluation
  • SVG: check log messages in tests.
  • SVG : switch to PX as a default metric
  • FormFields: synchronise default appearance and default resources. Keep default resources actual
  • Avoid resources depletion due to decompression bombs
  • Allow deep page structure flushing/releasing
  • 'Check box' acro form is printed incorrect
  • FormField setValue shall keep text font
  • Allow PdfXrefTable skip invalid indirect references to object numbers that are known to not exist in documents
  • pdfXFA: implement annotations copying to flattened XFA Foreground PDF
  • pdfXFA: support correct rawValue propagation between radio buttons and radio group elements
  • Support disabled pseudo class for textareas and inputs

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