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Release iText 7.1.3

iText 7.1.3 is the third maintenance release for iText 7.1 Core/Community. We're also updating pdfHTML to 2.1.0, pdfSweep to 2.0.2, pdfCalligraph and pdfInvoice to 2.0.1, and our License Key Library and Volume License Key Library to 3.0.3.

The August 2018 release of iText contains two new modules in the core, the underlying work to support a number of new features for pdfHTML, and of course a number of bug fixes and minor new features. In an exceptional move, we have added two new modules to the iText Core releases:

  • styled-xml-parser: a tool that can parse XML-like formats and their associated CSS for further processing by other iText tools. The libraries that currently use it are the SVG core module and the pdfHTML add-on.

  • SVG: because SVG can be regarded as "just another image format" that users can expect iText to support out-of-the-box, we decided not to create a separate plugin and to include it in the core of iText. 

iText Core/Community 7.1.3 for Java - for .NET

  • New event processing API.

  • Two new modules: styled-xml-parser and SVG.

  • Improvements and small new features, among which:

    • FontProgram: Subsetting to specific Unicode ranges, and

    • improve layout of layout elements.

  • Bug fixes, among which:

    • fix in .NET for encoding MAC-ROMAN, 

    • barcodes: DataMatrix fix for IndexOutOfBounds and NullPointer, and 

    • hyphenation: paragraph width fix, and non-breaking hyphens.

Because a lot of work happened on SVG, it merits its own header, even though it's in the Core.

SVG 7.1.3

  • Support for external resource loading, including images, fonts, and nested SVG documents.

  • Improved support for groups and text elements.

  • Support for the image element.

  • Support for quadratic Bézier curves.

pdfHTML 2.1.0 for Java - for .NET

pdfHTML has experienced a minor version bump to 2.1.0, because it now depends on styled-xml-parser, the creation of which moved a number of classes in the parsing step. Users are unlikely to experience any compilation errors in client code, unless they manually did JSoup parsing.

  • New features:

    • pdfHTML now supports multiple ways to include SVGs in HTML documents.

    • Support for the new event mechanism.

    • Added support for background on html and body tags.

    • Added support for display:block of label HTML element.

    • CSS: support for unicode-range property.

  • Bug fixes, among which:

    • placeholder color is now grey, as in browsers.

    • page-break-before is now also applied for tables.

pdfSweep 2.0.2 for Java - for .NET

  • Support for the new event mechanism.

  • Fix for redaction color problem in RegexBasedCleanupStrategy.

pdfCalligraph 2.0.1 for Java - for .NET

  • Support for the new event mechanism.

  • Process required OpenType features for standard scripts.

  • Several bug fixes:

    • IndexOutOfBounds on specific Bengali text.

    • Fall back to default script table if necessary.

pdfInvoice 2.0.1 for Java - for .NET

  • Support for the new event mechanism.

License Key Library 3.0.3 for Java - for .NET
License Key Volume Library 3.0.3 for Java - for .NET

  • Volume counter can now process custom events from add-ons.

  • The custom event logic is also propagated into every add-on.

RUPS 7.1.3

  • First release of RUPS for iText 7:

    • depends on iText 7.1.3.

  • Several bug fixes.

  • Minor changes to accomodate pdfDebug implementations.

pdfDebug - all implementations on 2.0.0

  • Major version bump to 2.x because of dependency on RUPS 7.1.x, consistent with other add-ons.

  • Bugfixes for XFA loading, Java 9 support, and an XXE vulnerability.

pdfDebug - Eclipse

  • Minor fixes regarding unprocessable files.

  • Fix for GUI issue on Mac.

pdfDebug - NetBeans & IntelliJ:

  • First release, functionally equivalent to pdfDebug Eclipse.


  • [DEVSIX-1741] : Flattening PDF where Bbox is bigger than Appearence Rectangle.
  • [DEVSIX-1817] : Unable to add Image of very specific dimensions.
  • [DEVSIX-1850] : Review signature appearance implementation.
  • [DEVSIX-1860] : NPE when adding form fields to flushed pages.
  • [DEVSIX-1861] : iText checkbox checkmark does not (easily) scale according to the user-set fontSize.
  • [DEVSIX-1909] : Text alignment property inheritance is not respected when flattening.
  • [DEVSIX-1914] : Cannot find image data or EI.
  • [DEVSIX-1916] : Fontsize auto not respected when filling form.
  • [RND-900] : Shorthand/smooth curveto (X2 y2 x y) produces unexpected results.
  • [RND-1025] : SVG Path Renderer Parses Z operator incorrectly.
  • [RND-1039] : SVG Charts: ignored tags throw an exception.
  • [RND-1056] : Make converter properties independent from style resolver.
  • [DEVSIX-1779] : PdfExplicitDestination links removed by Acrobat when saving as Optimized Pdf.
  • [DEVSIX-1812] : Characters splitting unexpected when using brackets.
  • [DEVSIX-1872] : RunLengthDecodeFilter bugs.
  • [DEVSIX-1911] : Ugly visual appearance of dashed thick borders with border-radius.
  • [DEVSIX-1913] : "Pdf indirect object belongs to other PDF document." triggered when using pdfDocument#copyPagesTo.
  • [DEVSIX-1917] : UnsupportedOperationException for makeAnnotation when 3D annotation dictionary is passed.
  • [DEVSIX-1918] : NullPointerException when opening a document with custom security handler.
  • [DEVSIX-1942] : pdfDebug does not work in Eclipse on Mac.
  • [DEVSIX-1987] : Styled xml parser has a compile dependency on pdftest.
  • [RND-906] : SVG: Text vertical offset.
  • [RND-934] : SVG: SvgProcessingException for valid transformation examples.
  • [RND-935] : SVG: Dimensions and viewbox in svg tag not applied correctly.
  • [DEVSIX-1782] : Fix bug in RunLengthDecode filter implementation.
  • [DEVSIX-1845] : Too much data for DataMatrix causes IndexOutOfBoundsException.
  • [DEVSIX-1848] : Parallel creation of DataMatrix causes NullPointerException.
  • [DEVSIX-1867] : TextField loses justification after flattening.
  • [DEVSIX-1923] : Fix off by one error in TIFFaxDecoder for T6 encoded TIFF images.
  • [DEVSIX-1927] : IndexOutOfBoundsException When adding bengali text.
  • [DEVSIX-1928] : RegexBasedCleanupStrategy resets redaction color to black for second page onwards.
  • [DEVSIX-1935] : Border-radius is not respected for inline element background.
  • [DEVSIX-1937] : Hyphenation - Paragraph width is not respected .
  • [DEVSIX-1938] : SignatureUtil throws exceptions for documents in reading mode.
  • [DEVSIX-1966] : Multiline text is clipped when flattening fields below a certain text size.
  • [DEVSIX-1974] : PdfImageXObject#createDictionaryFromMap doesn't insert PdfArray entries generated from an int[
  • [DEVSIX-1979] : Fix StackOverflowError on HyphenateTest.runTest.
  • [DEVSIX-1990] : CSS properties page-break-before and page-break-after are not applied to tables.
  • [RND-931] : SVG: wrong output to simple polyline example.
  • [RND-1010] : SVG: Fix SonarQube issues on float equality comparisons.

New features

  • [DEVSIX-1813] : OpenType: support required features for standard script.

  • [DEVSIX-1905] : Support line breaks in @Page rules.

  • [RND-864] : SVG: External resource loading.
  • [RND-865] : SVG: CSS, Default style sheets.
  • [RND-928] : SVG: Create a zero-args constructor for DefaultSvgConverterProperties.
  • [DEVSIX-1147] : FontProvider: support unicode range in FontProgramDescriptor.
  • [DEVSIX-1998] : CSS. Support unicode-range property.
  • [RND-883] : SVG: Font resolution.
  • [RND-912] : SVG: Use element.
  • [RND-913] : SVG: Defs element.
  • [RND-917] : SVG: Image element .
  • [RND-918] : SVG: Integrate into pdfHtml.
  • [RND-929] : SVG: Add additional convenience methods to SvgConverter.
  • [RND-982] : Support inline svg's in pdfHtml.


  • [DEVSIX-1955] : Make pdfHTML depend on styled-xml-parser.
  • [RND-885] : SVG: Get code coverage up to 100%.
  • [RND-886] : SVG: Get Javadocs coverage to 100%.
  • [RND-957] : SVG: Add unsupported tags to ignored list.
  • [DEVSIX-1836] : Autoport. Move CommitStep to groovy, handle git push fails.
  • [RND-709] : PR 25 (I7J): fixed findFieldName method not giving the result more than one time.
  • [RND-824] : Refactor ISvgNodeRenderer child renderers to IBranchSvgNodeRenderer.
  • [RND-874] : CSS: Refactor to two inner classes in SvgConstants (Tags, Attributes).
  • [RND-878] : SVG: Add tests for filling of Paths.
  • [RND-879] : SVG: Refactor named objects.
  • [RND-916] : SVG: Group and reuse tests.
  • [DEVSIX-940] : Html2Pdf: support background for body and html tags.
  • [DEVSIX-1877] : Support placeholders for input elements and ::placeholder CSS pseudo-element.
  • [DEVSIX-1945] : Add RetryAttribute for flaky tests.
  • [RND-877] : SVG: Refactor outermost behavior to a root renderer.
  • [RND-880] : SVG: Resolve parent CSS inheritance.


  • [DEVSIX-1771] : Support non-breaking hyphens when hyphenation applied.
  • [DEVSIX-1958] : Event counting overhaul.
  • [DEVSIX-1068] : Layout: Improve layout of rotated elements. .
  • [DEVSIX-1960] : Default placeholder color is black in pdfHTML but gray in browsers.

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