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Release iText 7.1.1

iText 7.1.1 is the first scheduled maintenance release for iText 7.1 Community. We're also updating pdfHTML to 2.0.1, and releasing pdfXFA 2.0.0.

The biggest news is that iText has taken its first steps to support .NET Standard 1.6. The frameworks that we are targeting are .NET Core 2.0, .NET Framework 4.6.2, UWP Fall Creators Update, Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Android, and Xamarin Forms. This hasn't been fully tested yet, so consider this as an experimental build for these platforms.

iText 7 Core/Community 7.1.1 for Java - for .NET

  • Improvements in font handling: irregular Panose, encoding entries that are PDF Stream objects, and the font selector algorithm.

  • Link annotation improvements.

  • Alignment bugs for floating elements, large tables, and landscape mode.
  • Image extraction and PNG color profiles.

pdfHTML 2.0.1 for Java - for .NET

  • Improvements in CSS handling: @font-face, inherit.
  • Borders: border-radius, and non-continuous borders with a large radius.

pdfXFA 2.0.0 for Java - for .NET

  • Compliance with iText 7.1.x.
  • Compliance with license key library 3.0.1.
  • Fixed layout problem during flattening.

iText 7.1.1


  • [DEVSIX-1058] - Support CMap streams as /Encoding of Type0 fonts.
  • [DEVSIX-1268] - Float property: Fix text and horizontal alignment along floating elements.
  • [DEVSIX-1323] - Panose string: 10 instead of 12 bytes.
  • [DEVSIX-1519] - pdfHTML: Fix @font-face name resolving.
  • [DEVSIX-1689] - IOException: Invalid code encountered while decoding 2D group 4 compressed data during image extraction.
  • [DEVSIX-1704] - Showing a horizontal page with 0 rotation value.
  • [DEVSIX-1706] - Link annotations split over multiple lines or in header cells render at incorrect or only partial locations.
  • [DEVSIX-1710] - Issue while parsing hyperlink tag.
  • [DEVSIX-1727] - Combination of two carriage return and new line feed produces incorrect result.
  • [DEVSIX-1662] - Using Leadings Cause Paragraphs to Cross Cell Border.


  • [DEVSIX-561] - Verify signature tests and samples.
  • [DEVSIX-1213] - Support nice API / create convenient example for unencrypted wrapper document in PDF 2.0.
  • [DEVSIX-1596] - Pull request 22: Fix alignment bug when floats present.
  • [DEVSIX-1656] - Css property value inherit is computed wrong.
  • [DEVSIX-1693] - [Security]: Use a cryptographically strong random number generator (RNG) like "" in place of this PRNG.
  • [DEVSIX-1726] - .NET Standard build fails for all platforms except .NET Core.


  • [DEVSIX-1257] - Normalization of structure tree only triggers when flushing page explicitly.
  • [DEVSIX-1646] - Improve layout of large tables.
  • [DEVSIX-1681] - Wrong text extraction for simple fonts with one to many /ToUnicode mapping.
  • [DEVSIX-1685] - Review font selector's comparator coefficients.
  • [DEVSIX-1707] - Make PdfCatalog#getNextItem() iterative rather than recursive.
  • [DEVSIX-1714] - Take into account color profile embedded in png.

Pull Request

  • [Richard Cohn] Redo alignment + float fix for 7.1.
  • [Richard Cohn] Fix alignment bug when floats present.

pdfHTML 2.0.1


  • [DEVSIX-1563] - CSS3 @page { content } throws NPE when image is too large.

New Feature

  • [DEVSIX-1569] - Fully support the 'border-radius' css property.
  • [DEVSIX-1746] - Support inline-block display inside of table cell.


  • [DEVSIX-1491] - pdfHTML: fix displaying of empty form fields.
  • [DEVSIX-1717] - Process dashed/dotted/round dotted borders with big radius.
  • [DEVSIX-1656] - Css property value inherit is computed wrong.

pdfXFA 2.0.0


  • [DEV-1919] - System.NullReferenceException in iTextSharp.tool.xml.xtra.xfa.pipe.FormBuilder.BuildSubForm.
  • [DEV-1927] - Regression: Flattening form with generate appearance false triggers casting exception.
  • [DEVSIX-1462] - Flattening XFA fields adjusts layout.


  • Fix FormCalc processing for the case of extracting value from array of elements.
  • Apply text values from FormState.
  • Apply integer values from FormState.
  • Improve processing of page breaks.
  • Support "this.parent" constructions in xfa.resolveNodes().
  • Evaluate page area script variables. Implement xfa.layout.absPage and add stub for xfa.layout.pageContent.
  • Support dynamic changing of min occurrence for subforms.
  • [DEV-1919] - catch exception when constructing LeaderPositioner.
  • [DEVSIX-1462] - Flattening XFA fields adjusts layout.
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