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Release iText 7.0.8

iText 7.0.8 is a scheduled maintenance release for iText 7.0 Core/Community. We're also updating pdfHTML to 1.0.5. The releases contain only backported fixes from 7.1.x to accommodate customers who are still on iText 7.0. 

Below is a quick overview per product of the fixes and improvements included in the new release.

iText Core/Community 7.0.8 for Java - for .NET

  • 9 backported bug fixes, mainly regarding alignment and hyphenation.

pdfHTML 1.0.5 for Java - for .NET

  • 1 backported fix for @Page rules in CSS

License Key Library 3.0.3 for Java - for .NET
License Key Volume Library 3.0.3 for Java - for .NET

  • 1 bug fix.

Changelogs for 7.0.8 and pdfHtml 1.0.5


  • [DEVSIX-1860] : NPE when adding form fields to flushed pages.
  • [DEVSIX-1909] : Text alignment property inheritance is not respected when flattening.
  • [DEVSIX-1914] : Cannot find image data or EI.
  • [DEVSIX-1916] : Fontsize auto not respected when filling form.
  • [DEVSIX-1779] : PdfExplicitDestination links removed by Acrobat when saving as Optimized Pdf.
  • [DEVSIX-1812] : Characters splitting unexpected when using brackets.
  • [DEVSIX-1937] : Hyphenation - Paragraph width is not respected .

New features


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