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Release iText 7.0.3

With 7.0.3 we're bringing you another maintenance release for iText 7 Community. We've also updated pdfSweep to 1.0.2, pdfXFA to 1.0.1 and the license key library to 2.0.4.

As these are maintenance releases, there are no major new features. Hereby, a quick overview per product of the fixes and improvements included in the new release.

iText 7 Core/Community 7.0.3

  • Improvements for smart mode (= reusing identical resources) and copying pages with form fields.
  • Added ECDSA algorithm OIDs.
  • Table layout improvements.
  • Fixed XXE vulnerability.
  • Various improvements for layout algorithms.

pdfSweep 1.0.2

  • Maintenance release.

pdfXFA 1.0.1

  • Clean up of the API.
  • Updated dependencies for hyphenation and Asian fonts.

License Key Library 2.0.4

  • More user friendly error handling.
  • Fixed XXE vulnerability.

iText 7.0.3 Core


  • DEVSIX-1228: Copy in Smart Mode: Documents with many pages take up huge memory space
  • DEVSIX-1232: text alignment justified is not applied correctly for Tamil
  • DEVSIX-1273: XXE vulnerability in PdfReader when parsing XFA
  • DEVSIX-1304: Javadocs jars are empty
  • DEVSIX-1305: Javascript in Javadocs
  • DEVSIX-1094: PdfSweep mangles the .pdf
  • DEVSIX-1145: Html2Pdf and Layout: Review Html2Pdf css media print test with Float property
  • DEVSIX-1154: Incorrect table border is drawn when colspans are set
  • DEVSIX-1185: When height of column renderer is too small text does not proceed to next area
  • DEVSIX-1190: Layout: exception on second layout of tables when empty row has been removed
  • DEVSIX-1198: pdfXfa: review failed test in .Net version
  • DEVSIX-1204: PdfImageXObject.GetImageBytes() goes into eternal loop (.NET only)
  • DEVSIX-1208: PdfSimpleFont.decodeIntoGlyphLine cannot handle Type3 font
  • DEVSIX-1234: Auto-sizing of fonts not done in PdfSignatureAppearance
  • DEVSIX-1235: better colorspace support
  • DEVSIX-1244: Unnamed fields put at incorrect place in hierarchy
  • DEVSIX-1249: Layouting tables results in exception with immediateFlush=false
  • DEVSIX-1280: Tabs are only applied to one inline element following the tab
  • DEVSIX-1102: Merging a document with outlines triggers a PdfException
  • DEVSIX-1103: Merging a document with outlines created in Adobe DC drops the outlines
  • DEVSIX-1106: Investigate: column widths not respected when adding image/barcode
  • DEVSIX-1118: Ignore /Differences entries that come out over 255 in extraction
  • DEVSIX-1126: Html2Pdf: Some images not correctly retrieved from href
  • DEVSIX-1167: pdfSweep does not sweep at the correct location
  • DEVSIX-1173: Signature Appearance not added when page has a pre-existing anots array that is indirectly referenced.
  • DEVSIX-1197: Initial nbsp gets ignored
  • DEVSIX-1202: License Key: Version number w/ 4 digits
  • DEVSIX-1203: License Key: Version Instantiation w/ exception being rethrown in catch clause
  • DEVSIX-1229: pdfHTML: Tagged Pdf, <a> tags not tagged as Link
  • DEVSIX-1231: Text Alignment using pdf2html : content is not justified
  • DEVSIX-1233: Deferred Signing: Nullpointer exception when signing deferred in append mode
  • DEVSIX-1237: PdfTextExtractor: allow GraphicsState as PdfStream ?
  • DEVSIX-1259: Typography: Tamil cluster not recognized as such
  • DEVSIX-1261: pdfXfa: Incorrect Flattening of XFA which contains Chinese content
  • DEVSIX-1262: Layout: FixedPosition y-position lost for large tables
  • DEVSIX-414: Word spacing doesn't work for composite fonts


  • DEVSIX-1171: FontProvider refactoring
  • DEVSIX-1188: Layout: allow overriding accessible attributes
  • DEVSIX-917: Html2Pdf: conversion of lists to Pdf/A
  • DEVSIX-1008: Html2Pdf: support page-break css properties
  • DEVSIX-1048: Html2Pdf: support counters
  • DEVSIX-1057: TableRenderer refactoring: review borders handling
  • DEVSIX-1141: Limit lookback buffer of autosweep strategy
  • DEVSIX-1199: Set initial ID
  • DEVSIX-1205: pdfXfa: Change licensekey dependency to regular branch. Add tests.
  • DEVSIX-1223: Margin collapse shouldn't be applied if float property is present
  • DEVSIX-1250: Process tables with big footers / headers
  • DEVSIX-1251: pdfXfa: Use iText7 versions of hyph and font-asian libraries
  • DEVSIX-1252: TableWidth documentation
  • DEVSIX-1254: Floating functionality overlaps float elements when they do not fit in available area
  • DEVSIX-925: Html2Pdf: better support for white-space css property
  • DEVSIX-1044: Fix attached list of Javadoc warnings
  • DEVSIX-1061: Extend table correctly if HEIGHT/MIN_HEIGHT is applied
  • DEVSIX-1093: Review AffineTransform class
  • DEVSIX-1107: Refactor large table's borders processing in the context of current border changes
  • DEVSIX-1108: Layout: Float elements inside tables
  • DEVSIX-1117: Merge border_refactoring into develop and update all outdated cmps
  • DEVSIX-1121: Provide constructor with File parameter for PdfWriter and PdfReader
  • DEVSIX-1125: Investigate who "wins" in collapsing (table/cell/footer/header border) and make changes
  • DEVSIX-1153: Git pull requests
  • DEVSIX-1210: Implement MIN/MAX height for Images
  • DEVSIX-1218: Copy font-information from form
  • DEVSIX-1221: Tables: fix background for collapsed borders drawing
  • DEVSIX-1241: Paragraphs with rotation in tables: incorrect width calculation
  • DEVSIX-1253: Do not write StructParents for pages if it is not necessary
  • DEVSIX-1260: CompareTool: number tree comparison
  • DEVSIX-1276: Inconsistent table layout()
  • DEVSIX-1060: Process alignment and splitting tricky case
  • DEVSIX-1286: Support specifying security provider in LtvVerification and LtvVerifier

New feature


  • Layout: Float elements investigation
  • Html2Pdf: Investigate <form> and related tags
  • Html2Pdf: support CSS property @font-face
  • Max width for tables in case nested table
  • Initial implementation of new PDF 2.0 tag set
  • Investigate differences PDF 1.7 and 2.0
  • .NET port of pdfXfa
  • PDF 2.0: Review AES-256 encryption
  • PDF 2.0: Review dig sig
  • PDF 2.0 and digital signatures: create tests set
  • PDF 2.0: AES 256 sample with form fields
  • PDF 2.0: Dig sig incremental update sample
  • Release iText 7 Core for .NET Standard 1.6
  • Core: location extraction strategy
  • Add PdfBoolean.valueOf(boolean)
  • Smart mode: fix serialization and improve caching
  • Add trial "carte blanche" mechanism
  • Use iText 5 cert to detect if license key is an iText 5 license
  • Stable FontRegisterProvider for tests
  • for .NET port

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