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Installing iText free trial for Java and .NET developers

Thank you for your interest in our PDF library, we hope you will enjoy using our product and share your experiences with us and the iText community. We will walk you through the installation process of the iText free trial version.

If you require any extra help please have a look at our FAQs or the community discussion at StackOverflow. If you are interested in getting support from our in-house developers and/or a license key for commercial iText products, you will need to acquire a commercial license.


  • To use the iText free trial you need to install a valid trial license and the license key library.
  • Loading a license will display a producer line on PDFs, which you can check to ensure you are using the correct license type. The producer line is (in the case of iText 7) “iText ® 7.x.y © 2000—2020 iText Group NV”, followed by a suffix. This suffix is:
    • “AGPL version”, when not using the licensing library or when using an invalid/expired license;
    • “Trial version”, when using the licensing library and a valid trial license;
    • “Licensed version”, when using the licensing library and a valid license.


The requirements to install the license and the license key library are as follows:

  • Obtain a (trial) license, for iText’s proprietary libraries a valid (trial) license is needed. You can request a 30-day free trial here.
  • After accepting the terms of use, log into the license key portal using the link provided in the email, and download the license file using the 'Download Selected Keys' button. It will download in a zip file containing an XML file named (for example) “itextkey.xml”. This is a XML file with information about who you are, and a key that allows you to use the software.
  • To be able to load this license file you need an additional library—the license key library. If you have previously downloaded the license key library, please make sure you have the latest one.


  • Please use the latest version of the license key library when using your license key. 

  • iText uses a licensing mechanism that also allows you to use the core libraries in open source projects. For the open source components, it is not mandatory to include the licensing library.
  • With the introduction of version 3.0.0 of the license key library, we also released a volume based counting mechanism. The mechanism works with an event system. iText and its add-ons will send events through this event system. When a volume license key file has been loaded, the statistics concerning usage will be sent to our servers. This means the machine that runs your application needs an active Internet connection. Click here to read our guide showing you how to enable the automated monitoring of volume licenses (Capacity Rental License).

How does your free trial work?

For 30 days you can try out the iText Suite - totally free - under the terms of iText’s commercial license. Learn more about our licensing options here.

Please note that the iText 30-days free trial is only intended for evaluation purposes and is prohibited from use in a production environment.

After 30 days, your trial will revert to our AGPL open source version and closed source add-ons will stop working. This means iText Core will still work, but you will be legally obligated to disclose your code, or purchase an iText commercial license.


iText Core add-ons are not included in the iText Core commercial license - a separate commercial license is needed per add-on.


1. Make sure you have downloaded your individual trial license key, as instructed in "Pre-installation" above:

2. Download iText Core and your desired add-ons:

  • For Java, you can find the latest instructions on where and how to download iText Core and add-ons here.
  • For .NET, you can find the latest instructions on where and how to download iText Core and add-ons here.

Your license key will work for both.

3. Follow the instructions to download, install and load the license key and license key library. If you have any problems, make sure to check the "Troubleshooting" and "License key FAQs" listed after the installation instructions.

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