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How to hyphenate text?

I generate a PDF file with iText in Java. My table columns have fixed widths. Text that is too long for one line is wrapped in the cell. But hyphenation is not used. The word "Leistungsscheinziffer" is shown as:


Leistungssc //Break here
My code where I use hyphenation:


final PdfPTable table = new PdfPTable(sumCols);
final Phrase result = new Phrase(text, font);
result.setHyphenation(new HyphenationAuto("de", "DE", 2,2));
final PdfPCell cell = new PdfPCell(table.getDefaultCell());
Hyphenation is activated and the following test results "Lei-stungs-schein-zif-fer"


Hyphenator h = new Hyphenator("de", "DE", 2, 2);
Hyphenation s = h.hyphenate("Leistungsscheinziffer");


Posted on StackOverflow on Nov 21, 2013 by user3017202

There are no Chunks in iText 7, we now use Text instances as atomic parts of Paragraphs. I've made an example based on your code (HyphenationExample); the word "Leistungsscheinziffer" is hyphenated in the resulting PDF: hyphenation_table.pdf.

Normally hyphenation is set on the Text level:

Text text = new Text("Leistungsscheinziffer")
        .setHyphenation(new HyphenationConfig("de", "DE", 2, 2));
table.addCell(new Cell().add(new Paragraph(text)));

If you want to set the hyphenation on the Paragraph level, you can do so, but this will only work for all subsequent Text objects that are added. It won't work for the content that is already stored inside the Paragraph. In other words: you need to create an empty Paragraph object and then add one or more Text objects:

Paragraph paragraph = new Paragraph()
        .setHyphenation(new HyphenationConfig("de", "DE", 2, 2))
        .add(new Text("Leistungsscheinziffer"));
table.addCell(new Cell().add(paragraph));

Click How to hyphenate text? if you want to see how to answer this question in iText 5.

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