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How to get text and image in the same cell?

I have create a table which has 48 images. I put the images to the right side in the cell. Now I would like to put the number of the image in the same cell at the left side.

Here is my part of code :


for (int i = x; i  48; i += 4)
    int number = i + 4;
    imageFilePath = "images/image" + number + ".jpeg";
    jpg = iTextSharp.text.Image.GetInstance(imageFilePath);
    jpg.ScaleAbsolute(166.11023622047f, 124.724409448829f);
    jpg.BorderColor = BaseColor.BLUE;
    string numberofcard = i.ToString();
    cell = new PdfPCell(jpg);
    cell.FixedHeight = 144.56692913386f;
    cell.Border = 0;
    cell.HorizontalAlignment = Element.ALIGN_RIGHT;
    cell.VerticalAlignment = Element.ALIGN_MIDDLE;
How could I insert the number of the image at the left corner of cell?


Posted on StackOverflow on May 9, 2014 by NickName

If you are using iText 7 I recommend to look at TabStop class. You can create a paragraph and add some content to the left, then add tab stops and add some content to the right. Your code in Java will look like this:

public void createPdf(String dest) throws IOException {
    PdfDocument pdfDoc = new PdfDocument(new PdfWriter(dest));
    Document doc = new Document(pdfDoc);
    Table table = new Table(2).setMargin(4);
    Cell cell;
    Image img;
    Paragraph p;
    for (int i = 1; i 

Here is a screenshot of the resulting PDF:

Text and image in cell

Text and image in cell

Click How to get text and image in the same cell? if you want to see how to answer this question in iText 5.

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