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How to draw a borderless table in iTextSharp?

It appears as though the PDfPCell class does have a border property on it but not the PdfPTable class. Is there some property on the PdfPTable class to set the borders of all its contained cells in one statement?

Posted on StackOverflow on Jun 3, 2014 by Water Cooler v2

Borders are defined at the level of the cell, not at the level of the table. Hence: if you want to remove the borders of the table, you need to remove the borders of each cell. Note that there is no PdfPCell class in iText 7 anymore, you should use Cell instead.

By default, each cell has a border. You can change this default behavior by changing the border of each cell. For instance: if you create Cell objects, you use:


In case the cells are created internally, you need to change that property at the level of the table (default cell):


For special borders, for instance borders with rounded corners or a single border for the whole table, or double borders, you can use either cell events or table events, or a combination of both.

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