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How to add a hidden text field?

I'd like to create a text field with iTextSharp that is not visible.

Here's code I'm using to create a text field:

TextField field = new TextField(writer, new Rectangle(x, y - h, x + w, y), name);
field.BackgroundColor = new BaseColor(bgcolor[0], bgcolor[1], bgcolor[2]);
field.BorderColor = new BaseColor(
    bordercolor[0], bordercolor[1], bordercolor[2]);
field.BorderWidth = border;
field.BorderStyle = PdfBorderDictionary.STYLE_SOLID;
field.Text = text;

Posted on StackOverflow on May 21, 2013 

In Java, using iText 7 you should initialize a text field via the PdfTextFormField class. It has a method named setVisibility() with the following values:

  • PdfFormField.HIDDEN,

So you’ll just apply this method: field.setVisibility(PdfFormField.HIDDEN);

As you're using iTextSharp, you should look for the Visibility property.

field.Visibility = PdfFormField.HIDDEN;

Click How to add a hidden text field? if you want to see how to answer this question in iText 5.

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