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Getting started

These questions were answered in the scope of 7.0.x and 7.1.x versions. However, if you find links to our GitHub repo, then they should target the latest version, and you can get access to specific versions by using the Tags functionality.

Interesting repos with examples to browse would be i7js-book & i7js-examples for Java and i7ns-samples for .NET (C#).

How to generate and design PDFs with iText or iTextSharp?

How to underline text with a dotted line?

How to add a full line break?

How to create a custom dashed line separator?

How to create a document with unequal page sizes?

How to align two paragraphs to the left and right on the same line?

How to use the full size of a page?

How to align a label versus its content?

How to change the line spacing of text?

Argument not specified in iTextSharp

How to create a complex PDF document?

How to strike through text using iText?

How to set the page size to Envelope size with Landscape orientation?

How can I generate a PDF/UA compatible PDF with iText?

Does anyone have any idea how TabStop works?

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