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Release iText 5.5.10

iText 5.5.10 is a maintenance release that rolls up 112 commits since last release. 

Release Notes:

iText 5.5.10 Core and XML Worker

  • Worked on the XML Worker CSSApplier Framework

  • Some bug fixes.

  • Improvement aggregrated report.
  • XML Worker: set default context key to class name of parent class for all descendants of CSSResolverPipeline and HtmlPipeline.
  • Updating documentation.

XFA Worker 5.5.10

  • Support fontHorizontalScale property for template elements.
  • Some bug fixes.


iText Core - PDF/A - Xtra - XML Worker 5.5.10

  • Fix issue with multiple consequent tabs in case of right-to-left line

  • Make XMLWorker CssApplier framework extensible
  • Make XMLWorker CssApplier setters public
  • Disable strict javadoc checking for javadoc:aggregate
  • Root POM wasn't bumped to 5.5.10-SNAPSHOT
    That's more cosmetic, because the POM is only used as an aggregater, not as a parent for the modules.
  • Improved aggregated report
    Run with: mvn javadoc:aggregate
  • AGPLv3 in MarkDown format
    The text is identical to, only the formatting was changed to look better on GitHub/GitLab sites.
  • Make XMLWorker CssAppliers framework generic
    Only allow subclasses of iText Elements in Map<>
  • Improve XMLWorker CssApplier docs & license header
  • XmlWorker: set default context key to class name of parent class for all descendants of CSSResolverPipeline and HtmlPipeline
    This fixes a problem of unavailability of corresponding pipelines in descendant classes are registered since the context keys are hardcoded. Now descendant classes will be correctly fetched if pipelines are overriden and for deep XmlWorker customization one would have to override getContextKey() and corresponding getHtmlPipelineContext() and getCSSResolver() for AbstractTagProcessor implementation
  • Bump version of maven javadoc plugin
  • Enable taggedPdfADocumentUsingExternalCacheTest
    Closes DEV-1561
  • Added documentation for markUsed
  • Allow getting next MCID without using it (XTRA)
    DEV-1706 (request from SUP ticket)
  • Minor code fix in clean up tool
  • Fix paths in a test
  • Fix text alignment for <p> and <div> tags in case of right-to-left text
  • Fix default run direction support for bidi algorithm, change default value of the run direction variables for layout elements
  • Fix test failure. Avoid unnecessary static global variables changes in tests
  • Make default text chunk location class public
  • Fixed bug with XML parser not processing XML entities in attributes.
    Now special XML entities are processed correctly (e.g. & to &) when they're in an attribute value. Also, made related changes to tests, where we store html request with symbol "&" in annotations. DEV-1735
  • Remove $Id$ macros
    Jgit does not support .gitattributes and does not use the ident macro. This causes `jgit blame` not to work correctly (SonarQube needs this). Closes QA-76
  • Port itextsharp github pull request #18: Add 'SuppressTagging' property to PdfContentByte.
  • Disallow Q operator in a BT-ET block
  • Restore matrix when disallowing Q in BT-ET
  • Reformat tabulation in a pom file
  • Update CompareTool: try System.getenv if getProperty fails
  • Fix XFAForm data retrieval from datasets: skip dataDescriptions and add non-leaf nodes to the search map
  • Change error message for conflict in RoleMap entry
  • Fix leading of paragraphs in XmlWorker in case of not default font sizes
  • Replace Indicator parameter type from Boolean to boolean for SpecifiedTradeAllowanceCharge
    SpecifiedTradeAllowanceCharge has a 1 .. 1 cardinality for Indicator in the ZUGFeRD 1.0 Technical Documentation, so null values shall not be passed to addSpecifiedTradeAllowanceCharge. Moreover, passing null value would lead to exception as Boolean is unboxed further in code anyway
  • Arabic: fix isolated fonts in \uFxxx ranges
    If an isolated form is not available in the \uFxxx range, fall back to the base glyph in the \u06xx range. e.g. if \uFE8D (isolated alif) doesn't exist in a font, fall back to \u0627. Fixes SUP-1495
  • port pull request #21 from .NET to Java
  • Set Java version of xtra to Java 7
    Closes DEV-1766
  • OCGParser: Fix exceptions of parsing inline images
  • SUP-1486 Add check in PdfReader to see if the authentication event is EFOPEN. Previously we had no check for it and encountered a BadpasswordException when trying to open the Pdf even though only the attachments are encrypted. Encryption check will now be skipped if the authentication event is EFOPEN and there is no password provided.
  • SUP-1513 Made the readPages method more lenient towards typos
  • Add additional documentation to PdfReader
    The method GetNumberOfPages() behaves differently depending on whether the reader was opened in partial mode. The method documentation has been updated to reflect this. SUPP-1552
  • updating encryption documentation
  • updating encryption documentation on PdfStamper
  • Add soft hyphens to word boundaries for word hyphenation detection. Avoid writing soft hyphens to the output
  • Fix additional documentation to PdfReader
    Cleaner and correct version of the additional documentation SUP-1552
  • BarcodeDataMatrix: add possibility to force the square size of barcode
  • Change behavior of pdfReader#computeUserPassword in case of AES256 encryption. Add corresponding test.
    As stated in Acrobat Supplement to the ISO 32000 in revision 5 (AES256) of standard security handler the user and owner keys where made independent. So the computing of user password from owner password isn't supported. The behavior was changed to return null in that case and now it matches the one in iText7. DEV-1802
  • Fix thread safety issues in OCGParser
  • Fix Image binary transparency bug
    Transparent pixels in ARGB images sometimes were mistreated as non transparent. See
    This commit also contains additional fix suggested by Michael Klink DEV-1796
  • Add support for signature policy for EPES signatures support
    This is originally suggested by J. Arturo DEV-1806
  • Fix Xmlworker eating chars when parsing &
    When Xmlworker encountered a '&' followed by a ' ', it would leave the special char state without appending the ' '. Update broken cmp-files SUP-1596
  • Handle NPE when removing floating AcroField
    Fix Acrofields present in the document but not linked to the annotations dic throwing and NPE when they are removed SUP-1602

RUPS 5.5.10

  • No changes in RUPS between version 5.5.9 and 5.5.10.

XFA Worker 5.5.10

  • support fontHorizontalScale property for template telements
  • move from converting measurements to points on parsing towards storing them with units as is for the sake of correct JS processing
  • Fix issue with multiple consequent tabs in case of right-to-left line
  • Add a new XFAWorker test
  • Make XMLWorker CssApplier framework extensible
  • Fix failing test for extensible CssAppliers in XFA
  • fix duplicating page areas in case they are reused
  • more accurate BreakConditions comparison
  • Restrict cases when cell overflowing is checked to proceed correctly with a row.
  • More accurate computation of width of table subforms in case of lr-tb layout
  • DEV-1710
  • Fix next page area retrieval in case of break before conditions specified.
  • Fix lr-tb root subform layout
  • DEV-1710
  • Evaluate scripts for repeated leader elements
  • Add a new XFAWorker test
  • avoid infinite loop in case of an element is invisible but the area is overflown and there is not enough place for it
  • fix overflowing of non-breakable elements
  • Change positoner sorting algorithm so that non-breakable draw elements come before the positoiners they contain
  • Add a new XFAWorker test
  • Add a new XFAWorker test
  • XmlWorker: add test for hebrew text alignment
  • font scaling for caption text
  • Fixed bug with XML parser not processing XML entities in attributes.
    Now special XML entities are processed correctly (e.g. & to &) when they're in an attribute value. Also, made related changes to tests, where we store html request with symbol "&" in annotations. DEV-1735
  • Add migdal-font test.
    DEV-1738 SUP-1393
  • Update MigdalFontTest
  • fix processing colspan value of -1
  • Add a new XFAWorker test
  • Add a new XmlWorker test
  • Add a new XFAWorker test
  • support property
  • add new nodes to prototype xml
  • Refactor putCallback for future consistency of Java and C#. Add JsValueNode and synchronize value changes with rawValue. Add new tests
  • Fix processing of direct string text value assignments
  • Fix parent Data DOM node retrieval fallback. It used to replace the root node with descendant one even if the root one did match
  • Fix minW property processing in case of ExclGroup fields and the child elements also have minW property set
  • Add a new XFAWorker test. Fix exception in case choice list field contains only text entries, but no value entries
  • Fix issue with XFAFontProvider with bold font
  • Revert debug mode in FlattenTest
  • fix issue with unwanted leader and trailer element retrieval in cases of empty SOM expression provided
  • Add a new test for XFAForm data search
  • fix exception in case a page area does not contain any content areas
  • implement info property for document JS object (Acrobat API)
  • Add caption text value to prototype.xml so that it can be accessed even if not specified in template
  • Define className for nodes created from XML template or XML prototype template.
  • Add field.format.picture entry to prototype.
  • Refactor formatting of rawValue so that changes are considered if applied via JS
  • DEV-1758
  • Implement isContainer, oneOfChild properties and isPropertySpecified method for node class
  • Respect font color for CheckButton elements. Add a handy child retrieving method
  • Fix element visibility with presence="inactive" property
  • fix for rawValue JS assignment. If data binding is specified for a field and the rawValue is assigned to an empty string, it is treated as null
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