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Release iText 5.3.5

iText 5.3.5 is a release for iText 5 Core. We're also updating XML Worker.


iText 5.3.5 Core

  • Changes made by Paulo Soares
    • Support for simulating bold in vertical text.
    • Support for signing with an external container and added a blank signature container to help with deferred signing.
    • Simplification with streams reading the part of the document that should be hashed.
    • Signature verification for docs over 2G.
    • Rich text field always failed check (replace an 'or' for an 'and').
    • Fixed a problem with some TIFF files: reduce the count of images if there's an EOF.
    • Added support for AES-256 certificate encryption
  • Changes made by Kevin Day
    • Fixed bug in PRTokeniser: handle case where number is at end of stream.
    • Huge refactoring of RandomAccessFileOrArray functionality.
    • Several fixes during the tests of the refactored code.
    • Replaced StringBuffer with StringBuilder in PRTokeniser for performance reasons.
  • Changes made by Alexander Chingarev
    • Fixed crash on parsing named destination
    • Improved the performance of the PdfDestination constructor
    • Tagged PDF related changes (BETA-version):
      • Changed the way iText adds content to a separate layer for text and graphics. In case the natural reading order needs to be preserved, one can now add everything to one layer.
      • Added alternate text support for images.
      • Make sure marked content operators are balanced.
      • Added support for custom roles for marked content; don't add marked content block if role = null.
      • Added a language property.
      • Refactored PdfStructTreeController so that id does not rely on PdfReader.getSafeFile()
      • Added support for tagged lists
      • Added support for tagged tables, including THEAD, TFOOT, TBODY.
      • Added support for tagged chapters and sections.
      • Added support for tagged links
      • Fixing different issues after first tests Tagged PDF: incorrect color issue on drawing underlines and backgrounds in tagged PDF mode, issue with extra page that appears if you call Document.newPage() for the empty document, potential issue with identifying empty page in non-tagged pdf mode, newline chunk should have paragraph role in Tagged PDF context,...
      • Added DisplayDocTitle and Xml Metadata (XMP) to Tagged PDF documents. This is required to pass the PDF/UA verification.
  • Changes made by Denis Koleda
    • Applied fix for tab space (functionality that is used in XFA Worker).
    • Fixed bug introduced in iText 5.3.4 that caused PdfConcatenate always to use PdfCopy even when PdfSmartCopy needed to be used.
    • Added tagged attributes for Chunk and Image.
  • Changes made by Eugene Markovskyi
    • Fixed a bug introduced in iText 5.3.4: after adding a table to the page, its total height was always zero
    • Fixed a bug in FloatLayout that caused an IndexOutOfBoundsException.
    • Fixed different XML Worker related problems caused by nesting div and table tags.
  • Changes made by Raf Hens
    • PdfGraphics2D: transparency was not set correctly in some cases when combining setClip() and create()
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • Important: we now keep the original owner password when stamping a document.
    • Added a Ligaturizer for Devanagari and Gujarati originally contributed by Ram Narayan; refactored by Bruno. Moved ArabicLigaturizer and introduced a LanguageProcessor interface. This needs some more work: what's the best way to integrate this into iText?
    • Fixed a positioning problem for Chunks with an action attribute
    • Fixed a bug reported by Andreas Meyer on the mailing list (Dec 6, 2012). When retrieving rectangle information, the coordinates were accidentally switched.
    • Avoid NullPointerException in CFFFontSubset (reported by Yu Gan and Martin Sievers)
    • Avoid NullPointerException in OCSPVerifier
    • Made small change in PdfPKCS7 to make code more readible.
    • LtvVerification: all certificates need to be verified (the order doesn't matter)

XML Worker 5.3.5

  • Important: to avoid confusion about which XML Worker version corresponds with which iText version, we're jumping from XML Worker 1.2.1 to XML Worker 5.3.5. From now on the versions of XML Worker and iText will be kept in sync.
  • Changes made by Eugene Markovskyi

    • Fixed incorrect image size after splitting a cell in a row.
    • Fixed problem with disappearing content due to fixed height of rows (replaced by minimum heights).
    • Fixed alignment problem in cells.
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