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Release iText 5.0.4

iText 5.0.4 is a release for iText 5 Core. 


iText 5.0.4 Core

  • Changes made by Paulo Soares
    • PdfContentStreamProcessor: removed unused code
    • PdfPRow: lowered the fuzzy factor to compensate for floating point errors
    • Replaced HashMap for Map in the return of AcroFields.getFields().
  • Changes made by Kevin Day
    • Parsing PDFs:
      • Code cleanup
      • Content streams in arrays should be parsed as if they were separated by whitespace
      • Expose CTM - feature request #2987712.
    • Parsing PDFs: Inline images:
      • Refactor to pull inline image processing into it's own class. Added parsing of image data if there is no filter applied (there are some PDFs where there is no white space between the end of the image data and the EI operator). Ultimately, it will be best to actually parse the image data, but this will require a pretty big refactoring of the iText decoders (to work from streams instead of byte[] of known lengths).
      • Handle multi-stage filters; Correct bug that pulled whitespace as first byte of inline image stream.
      • Applying stream filters to inline images.
    • PdfReader: Expose filter decoder for arbitrary byte arrays (instead of only streams)
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • Bugfix PdfPTable: A previous bugfix caused a new bug: instead of too many lines, there were lines missing.
    • Bugfix PdfCopy: pages imported using PdfCopy.PageStamp weren't copied to the resulting PDF file
    • PdfWriter.getNewObjectNumber(): Avoiding a NullPointedException as suggested by Gylfi Ingvason on the mailing list.
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