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Release iText 5.0.3

iText 5.0.3 is a release for iText 5 Core.


iText 5.0.3 Core

  • Changes made by Paulo Soares
    • New: better support for CCITT Fax images.
    • New: export of CMYK images as TIFF
    • Bugfix PdfPCell: Fix for missing text in rows and fixed height.
    • Bugfix AcroFields: A certificate can be a string or an array.
    • Bugfix PdfSchema: Tag corrected to pdf:Keywords.
    • Bugfix PdfEncryption: PdfWriter.DO_NOT_ENCRYPT_METADATA didn't work with PdfWriter.ENCRYPTION_AES_128. This was a side effect of PdfWriter.EMBEDDED_FILES_ONLY being compared in an incorrect way.
  • Changes made by Kevin Day
    • Parser: add method to get area of image in user units
    • Parser: better parsing of inline images
    • Bugfix PdfCopy: PdfCopy broke the API contract of PdfWriter (it returned a different imported page for identical input parameters). This caused objects to be lost.
    • Bugfix DocumentFont: fix potential NPEs
    • RUPS: fix infinite loop problem in Console
    • RUPS: Improper realization of components off the EDT
    • RUPS: remember previous selected folder and file
    • RUPS: Avoid NPE if outline is present but has no members
    • RUPS: Adding filename (or some other meaningful description) to the tree. Useful when comparing files side-by-side
    • RUPS: better fallback behavior for really big files
  • Changes made by Mark Storer
    • FontFactory: made the method registerFamily static
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • New in ColumnText: return the last X position after a non-simulated go().
    • Parser: renaming a method referring to AWT
    • Parser: Adding an extra check for begin/end sequences when parsing a ToUnicode stream. Suggestion by Andreas Ebbert-Karroum (mailing list July 12, 2010).
    • Bugfix ColumnText: useAscender only worked for the very first column.
    • Bugfix PdfReader: Numbers are valid tokens in an object stream.
    • Bugfix PdfLayer: Adding layers to a PdfStamper didn't work.
    • Bugfix PdfDocument: initPage is not triggered if the page is empty, but this causes a problem if the page size has changed.
    • Bugfix PRTokeniser: Version number not necessary when reading FDF
    • Patch PdfGraphics2D by Peter Severin (#3009559<): Replicates what's done for underline to implement strikethrough TextAttribute in PdfGraphics2D.
    • AcroFields: Field order is preserved by replacing HashMap by LinkedHashMap. Suggestion by Jesse Barnum (#3023492)
    • FontFactoryImp: Getting the fonts from the Windows directory obtained from the Environment variables. Suggestion by Arnaud Masson (#3028042)
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