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Release iText 5.0.1

iText 5.0.1 is a release for iText 5 Core.


iText 5.0.1 Core

  • Changes made by Paulo Soares
    • Added rowspan support in HTMLWorker + code simplifications
    • Corrections and simplifications with respect to the move to Java 5
    • PdfDocument: introduced an inner class Destination to clarify named destinations
    • PdfPKCS7: support for OCSP and CRL in the same signature (as suggested by Daniel Uribe)
    • PdfPKCS7: The CRLs are extracted from the right place: the signed attribute.
    • PdfPKCS7: Stricter search for the signing certificate.
    • PdfSignatureAppearance: new rendering mode that renders only the graphic and takes all the available space (as suggested by Mathieu Fortin).
    • BaseFont: getDocumentFonts() should also return Type0 fonts.
    • BaseFont: bug in one of the createFont() methods; noThrow wasn't passed on.
  • Changes made by Kevin Day
    • Refactoring to make it easier for outside users to interact with the content stream processor. Also refactored render listener so text and image event listening occurs in the same interface (reduces a lot of non-value-add complexity)
    • New filtering functionality for text renderers.
    • Additional utility method for previewing pdf content.
    • Added a much more advanced text renderer listener that can reconstruct page content based on physical location of text on the page
    • Added support for XObject Form processing (text added via PdfTemplate can now be parsed)
    • Added rudimentary support for XObject Image callbacks
    • Bug fix - text extraction wasn't correct for certain page orientations
    • Bug fix - matrices were being concatenated in the wrong order.
    • PdfTextExtractor: changed the default render listener (new location aware strategy)
    • Getters for GraphicsState (as suggested by Ken Dobson)
  • Changes made by Mark Storer
    • Added AffineTransform versions of addImage, addTemplate, concatCTM, and setTextMatrix
  • Changes made by Xavier Le Vourch
    • Code cleanup (remove unused imports)
    • iText now uses generic types (Java 5)
    • Integer constants replaced with enum for RenderingMode in PdfSignatureAppearance for FontFamily in Font, for TokenType enum in PRTokeniser
    • PdfPTable: avoid possible ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in rowSpanAbove()
    • Updates to scripts needed for Maven
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • Added a method to extract attachments from an FDF file.
    • Bug fix - language files weren't distributed with iText 5.0.0
    • Bug fix - Something went wrong if the first cell had a colspan spanning the complete first row, as well as a rowspan.
    • Bug fix - In some circumstances, lines were duplicated when splitting rows in a PdfPTable
    • Bug fix - Chunks that are separators should have 0 width.
    • Pdf2Afm: small fix for euro-symbol (Marcus Thiesen); fix for descender (Christopher Petro)
    • Use descender/ascender instead of font size for ACTION and REMOTEGOTO attributes of Chunks
    • Fixed Javadoc and Hudson warnings in the parser package
    • Added getters to (parser) as suggested by Ken Dobson
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