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Page events

We continue with some questions about tables of which the answer involves table or cell events.

How to draw a line every 25 words?

How to add text as a header or footer?

How to create a table with 2 rows that can be used as a footer?

How to add a table as a header?

How can I add titles of chapters in ColumnText?

How to add a rectangle to every page of a document?

How can I add an image to all pages of my PDF?

How to rotate a page while creating a PDF document?

How to check for an event and remove it?

How to set a fixed background image for all my pages?

How to change the color of pages?

How to add a page number in the header of a PDF/A Level A file?

How to introduce multiple PdfPageEventHelper instances?

How to add a border to a paragraph?

Why do I get a StackOverflowException in the OnEndPage() event handler?

How to add a text to the left and to the right in a header?

Why is my content overlapping with my footer?

Why does my header overlap with my content?

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