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Installing iText G for Android

To download iText G (Android) you can use either Gradle or GitHub

See below for instructions on how to download from each platform.

Gradle dependency

If you prefer to use Gradle, you can download iTextG from the Maven Central Repository by adding this to your Gradle file:

dependencies {
    compile 'com.itextpdf:itextg:5.5.10'

iTextG on GitHub

If you want to use iText on Android or the Google App Engine, you need to use iTextG. iTextG is almost identical to iText, except that it only uses classes that are white-listed by Google. All references to java.awtjavax.nio and other "forbidden" packages have been removed. You can download the source code and binaries from the release page on GitHub. As there are no dependencies on classes that aren't supported on Android in the PDF/A and XML Worker packages, you can download the Java version of these projects.

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