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Installing iText 5 toolbox for Java developers

Before you install

  • If you want to use iText 5 for non-commercial purposes, make sure you have read and agreed upon the AGPL license. All downloads we offer open-source come with the AGPL license model.

  • Make sure you have purchased a commercial license of iText 5 Core - if for commercial purposes. All downloads we offer closed-source come with our commercial license model.

  • For closed-source iText 5 Core installation, download and install the proper license key library, you can find the installation guide here.
  • Download the modules (.jar) of iText 5 Core (ZIP files) from Maven Central or the iText Artifactory Server.
  • Important remark: in the installation guide we use Maven as building tool for Java.


iText 5 Core Jars on GitHub

iText 5 consists of several jars. The main iText 5 release contains:

  • itextpdf-x.y.z.jar: the core library
  • itext-xtra-x.y.z.jar: extra functionality (PDF 2!)
  • itext-pdfa-x.y.z.jar: PDF/A-related functionality

This project is hosted here. You can find the latest releases here:

You can also build iText from source. In some cases, you'll need extra jars. These jars are bundled in a zip file here.

For XML (and HTML) functionality, you need this jar:

  • xmlworker-x.y.z.jar This project is hosted here.

Finally, we also have a tool that can help you debug PDFs:

  • itext-rups-x.y.z.jar This project is hosted here.


Before downloading and installing the iText 5 Software Products, you need to agree upon our iText license agreement. You can read the iText license ageements here.

Using the iText Artifactory Server

Text 5 Core is also available on the iText Artifactory server. XFA Worker and the iText License Key are available on the iText Artifactory server.

You can add this server as an additional repository in the distributionManagementsection of your pom.xml or settings.xml, as described in the Maven documentation

You can also browse the iText Artifactory server and download jars manually.

1. Add repository to .pom project file
<!-- All iText 5 core-->
    <id>iText Repository</id>
    <name>iText Repository-releases</name>

2. Add the dependencies to .pom project file




After this, you can add XFA Worker and the iText License Key as a dependency:



For more info, check the com.itextpdf and com.itextpdf.tool artifacts on the Maven Central repository.

iText 5 on GitHub

iText 5 is a suite of open- and closed-source projects. The source code of all the open source projects is available on GitHub.

Java developers can clone the following projects:

  • iText Core , the core library that allows you to create, process and edit PDF documents,

  • iText PDF/A , an add-on for PDF/A documents (including ZUGFeRD invoices),

  • iText Xtra , an add-on with extra features such as OCG removal, redaction, rich media and geospatial functionalities,

  • XML Worker , an add-on that allows you to convert simple HTML and CSS to PDF.

  • iText RUPS , a tool for inspecting and updating PDF syntax.

You can download iText CorePDF/AXtra and XML Worker jars in a single ZIP file on the release page on GitHub. There's a separate page for the RUPS  releases.

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